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Crazy-Making Business Envy & How to Tame Your Short-Cut Searching Insecure Inner Troll

Ever look at someone else you admire in business?  Someone who's farther ahead, they've got their sh*t together, they're booking clients 6 months in advance or making the kind of money you still only fantasize about.

And then you promptly look at your own biz and go what the heck?  How am I f*cking this up?  What am I do that's so wrong?  Am I a leper?  A socially awkward pariah?

And suddenly you're chasing every free promo promising the "solution" (*gag* that word is definitely at the top of my marketing sh*t list) to get more clients in your door.  And you're clicking on every damn free PDF even if it means you'll be subjected to a ton of emails you really didn't want.  And even if it means that PDF ends up in the graveyard of downloaded promises collecting digital dust on your hard drive.

It's all a little crazy-making.

But it's so damn hard to keep your eyes focused on your own paper sometimes.  To concentrate on your own journey.  And to tame that short-cut-searching, green-eyed, greedy, insecure little troll that pops up his head and says "why'd it have to be so EASY for her?!"  "Why can't I write one magic Facebook post that solves all my client/financial problems?"

And of course, if your troll is anything like mine he also has the MOST nasally, whining voice ever.

So here's how to kick your troll's butt and send him back under your ribcage.

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