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Homepages: Crafting a First Impression That Gets The RIGHT Kind of Attention

Let's imagine you have a big client meeting - or worse - presentation.  You've never met them before and this is the kind of presentation that can make your career

No pressure.  You've got this.  You're prepped.  You know EXACTLY what you're going to say to Mr. Big Fish.  You've spent hours rehearsing til it's natural - til it flows.

You walk into the room, poised, in control, smiling, engaging and as you begin to speak you take in the horrified glances of Mr. Big Fish and comrades.  You look down - and suddenly...yep, you're naked.  You've got spinach in your teeth and you're pretty sure something may have actually crawled out of your hair towards the lady in the front row.

It's the classic nightmare.  It's your limbic system reminding you in a not-so-subtle way that first impressions matter, honey!  They're stubborn and our brains actually go out of their way to dig up data that reinforce our first impressions rather than change them to accept new information.

So you're stressing about your Homepage.  It's natural.  I get it.  Homepages are super important.  They're your virtual first impressions.  They establish the voice and tone for your whole site.

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