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Failure, Invisible Boxes & Creativity

We’ve all heard that failure is a teacher. And while it’s TRUE it’s also super f*cking annoying.

I guess, I get frustrated with the number of times I have to do something to see what it was meant to be all along (and I’m not just talking about the Ikea bed frame that took 3+ hours to build).

Plan A goes off with mediocre success. You learn. You revamp, revise and reimagine what you’ve created and get SO f*cking excited about Plan B.

But then Plan B get crickets.

So you FINALLY start to colour outside the lines and discover what you should’ve done all along.

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Stretchy Situations

"To "stretch" is to put ourselves in situations that expose us to the risk of failure." 

This quote is from what may become my most recommended biz book of all time (relevant for every business) called The Power of Moments by Chip & Dan Heath.

To stretch means exposing yourself to the risk of failure.

Mmmmm, doesn't that sound relevant to every entrepreneur who has dared to go beyond the confines of their headspace??

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Self-Sabotage, Success & Why Mindset Is Everything

Sometimes, when we struggle in one part of our biz it feels like EVERYTHING is starting to unravel.  I had massive resistance this week over sending out emails.  Something we do everyday, right?  And yet, I was dragging my feet, dreading the send button (taunting me with its orange rectangular finality) and otherwise finding every other meaningless task to fill my time.

What I couldn't figure out was...why?

And soon this feeling of sluggish, unmotivated inertia crept into everything else.  I skipped posted to social media for a couple of days.  I slowed way down on my usual engagement in my favourite online spaces.  My writing felt slow & burdensome.  Even client work began dragging.

I tried meditating.
I tried journaling.
I rationalised with feelings of exhaustion & sadness from the funeral last week.
I waffled between pushing through (which felt arduous) & compassionate time to breathe (which felt like giving in to the resistance monster).
I even questioned if I was getting depressed.

All because I couldn't send out some emails? (Seriously?!  I mean WTF?!)

So instead of spiralling further into self-doubt & despair I did something radical.

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