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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

My love/ hate relationship with Facebook Groups.

We all know that participating in Facebook groups can be great for business. Showing up and adding value, demonstrating your knowledge, supporting and encouraging fellow entrepreneurs, soaking up the wisdom from people in different fields.

When it all goes well. . .it’s a powerful resource, a way to stay connected, discover people doing seriously cool shit, get fresh perspectives and serve without an agenda.

At one point I belonged to 100+ Facebook groups and I’ve run a couple as well (admittedly they were very small and for a very specific purpose).

Here’s what I’ve learned about myself navigating the ever-changing landscape of Facebook groups as an entrepreneur.

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This is the Beginning of Everything

This is my 100th blog post!  

Which I discovered completely by accident when I was redesigning all of my previous blog titles for the Heartlines relaunch happening next week.

Not gonna lie, it feels...significant.  Like the 100th episode of your favourite TV show.  And naturally, it demands a little reflection, as do all our biz milestones, right? So I sat down & asked myself what my 2015 self would be surprised to learn from the journey.  Here's what I never realised when I started...

Entrepreneurship is a path to personal growth.

Honestly 2+ years ago I just wanted a way to earn some extra cash while I stayed home with my kids.  I wanted a way to replace the income I earned from teaching so I never had to go back to the classroom unless it was my choice.

I didn't know it would change me.

I had no idea how much it would ask of me.

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Bravery Despite the Butterflies: for every woman entrepreneur

I see you.

I see your caffeine-fueled hours spent hunched in front of your screen, scraping every last ounce of creativity from the insides of your skull to make your biz run.  I see how driven you are to making your dreams succeed.

I see how the butterflies hurl themselves against the sides of your stomach and your heart beats wildly every time you...
present a new offer,
go live online,
hit send,
walk on that stage.

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To Be In Business Is To Get In Bed With Risk

Entrepreneurs are a special breed.
They say we're stubborn, reckless, dreamers.
But what they don't know?

It's the stubbornness that keeps us going when the odds are stacked against us.  And everyone (including a mass of opinionated strangers on the internet) says our business won't make it.  It's determination that drives us to push past 9 - 5 and make it happen anyway.

It's the risk-taking that got us out of the cubicle life.  We risked living life on our own terms, knowing it might not work out.  Knowing it would be harder than sticking to the safe, worn out paths that the majority stumble blindly down every day.

It's the dreamers who have the creativity and courage to ask the right questions.  To make something out of nothing.  And to make things better not just for ourselves but everyone else too.  It's the dreamers who find solutions.

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Anatomy of an Entrepreneur - Part 4

We all want to know the magic formula for entrepreneurial success and Gallup thinks they've found it.  They've distilled the 10 talents that, when combined, produce a rare business swagger that attracts investors, clients and begrudging nods of approval from the competition.

So far we've explored the anatomy of an entrepreneur and discussed business focus & confidencecreative thinking & delegating, and independence & determination.

Let's stick 2 more ingredients in the mix.

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