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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

My love/ hate relationship with Facebook Groups.

We all know that participating in Facebook groups can be great for business. Showing up and adding value, demonstrating your knowledge, supporting and encouraging fellow entrepreneurs, soaking up the wisdom from people in different fields.

When it all goes well. . .it’s a powerful resource, a way to stay connected, discover people doing seriously cool shit, get fresh perspectives and serve without an agenda.

At one point I belonged to 100+ Facebook groups and I’ve run a couple as well (admittedly they were very small and for a very specific purpose).

Here’s what I’ve learned about myself navigating the ever-changing landscape of Facebook groups as an entrepreneur.

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Trust, Decision-Making & What it Really Means to Follow Your Heart While Building A Business

I thought I learned this lesson 18 years ago.  Standing on a stranger's porch, ignoring the voice of an angel that said as clearly as any corporeal person, "RUN!"

But I was just turning 17 and thought I might be losing my mind.  And although it caught my attention.  To the point of looking around for the source of the voice.  To the point of hesitating before entering the house.

I didn't listen.

And it was the single biggest regret of my life.  The most difficult lesson I've ever learned.

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