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Failure, Invisible Boxes & Creativity

We’ve all heard that failure is a teacher. And while it’s TRUE it’s also super f*cking annoying.

I guess, I get frustrated with the number of times I have to do something to see what it was meant to be all along (and I’m not just talking about the Ikea bed frame that took 3+ hours to build).

Plan A goes off with mediocre success. You learn. You revamp, revise and reimagine what you’ve created and get SO f*cking excited about Plan B.

But then Plan B get crickets.

So you FINALLY start to colour outside the lines and discover what you should’ve done all along.

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From Exhausted and Drained to Creating Again.

It’s been 3 weeks since my last blog, which kinda feels like walking up to a confessional booth and saying it’s been 3 weeks since my last confession. Or so I imagine because I’m not Catholic. I also took a huge break from posting content on social media.

I wish I could say that I’ve been quiet because I’ve been on vacation on some gorgeous tropical beach. That I’m writing to you now with sand between my toes.

But no.


I felt completely drained. Exhausted. Uninspired. I had NOTHING to say (which never happens). Until it did, 3 weeks ago. Does this ever happen to you?

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Divine Inspiration vs. Shiny Idea Syndrome

How can you tell if your next idea, if the next direction you're being pulled in, is the spark of divine inspiration or shiny idea syndrome?

This was a question I recently started to unravel for myself.

Context: As creatives I believe our biggest problem isn't shiny object syndrome as much as it's shiny idea syndrome.

If I look back at the pattern of my life I have undergone a seismic shift in my career every 4 years.  Yes, I can follow this trend all the way back to my very first "real" job as a grocery store cashier when I was in high school.

I've been a copywriter for about 4 years now and I feel the winds of change, they are a blowin'.

But is this some innate inability to stick it out?  Is it a pathological need to reinvent my work life?  Is it better to stay the course, keep trying new things within the context of what's already been created (painstakingly loved into being) over the last 4 years?

Or listen to the whisper?

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Creative Holding Pattern

I often feel this big pull between being an explorer & creative on one side & an entrepreneur on the other.

I want to honour the natural rhythms of creativity that ebb & flow like the tides sometimes bursting forth in huge waves of inspiration that I couldn’t hold back or slow down if I tried.  They lead me down interesting tangents & paths where I stumble upon my own private cave of wonders. And sometimes my creativity asks the most difficult thing of all - for me to slow down & be patient, to rest & trust that this time of hibernation in preparation for the next wave of inspiration & all the energy it will take to birth that.  Slowing down is hard, as I recently mentioned in another article.

But as much as I desperately want to honour this creative mad genius & the wild and whirling ride that sometimes accompanies it…I also feel the pull of being an entrepreneur.  A CEO, a business woman.  Who just happens to depend on her creativity for a living.  So I also have this need to be consistent & constantly produce for myself & my clients.  And sometimes these two sides seem inescapably at odds.

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Wine, Laughter & Newbie Mistakes

Have you ever tried something new, something completely outside your realm of expertise and felt that rush of excitement and anticipation?

As an introvert and recovering perfectionist the idea of tackling my very first painting on canvas in public with only my Mom and a glass of wine to sustain me left me eagerly, anxiously awaiting my very first Paint Nite.

What does a night out sloshing paint on canvas with my Mom have to do with your business or writing?


I've written about creative cross-training before and it applies to creatives first & foremost.  But let me say this - I don't care what kind of business you have we are ALL creative and we can ALL benefit from stretching our creative muscles.

You never know when a little creative problem solving just might save your biz.

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The Idea is Just The Beginning

This is NOT another article about what to do when you're staring at a blank screen, blinking cursor callously indifferent to the cobwebs currently occupying your previously crammed headspace.  If you want my best advice on what to do about lost inspiration read this article I wrote over on Medium.

This is also NOT another list post with dozens of topics you can write about on your blog RIGHT NOW!! No guarantees to go viral or be picked up by The New York Times even though it could happen, you know.

This is about what to do if you've got the opposite problem.  What about if you've got so many ideas all looking equally enticing & juicy & you want to run in 617 different directions chasing every one.

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Silent Screams, Creative Blocks and Strange Paradoxes

Have you ever had that nightmare where you scream but no sound comes out of your mouth?

I've been feeling completely creatively blocked this week.  Sort of like screaming without making a sound.  And it's every creative's nightmare.  I've written 4 blog post which doesn't sound much like being blocked.  Except every one of them was sub-par.  Wasn't what I really wanted to say.  They all meandered off topic and ended up whimpering quietly into nothingness.  I couldn't share them. Hell, I didn't even want to go back and edit them.

Truthfully?  I almost didn't have the guts to share this with you. 

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