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Creation is messy & risky & winding & ALWAYS worthwhile

If you’ve been with me a while you’ve heard me talk about Deeper Than Words. I’ve been creating it for the last couple of YEARS (yes, you read that right).

I first offered it as a self-paced online course. It was the same as every other self-paced online course. And it promised to help you write your website in 5 weeks.

I delivered it once.

Received AMAZING feedback.


it became that project that kinda sat on the shelf and looked at me with side-eye. So I got busy creating the Heartlines Shop (which was super fun and a fabulous distraction). But every time I thought about delivering Deeper Than Words again….the energy just drained out of me.

And yet, I KNEW there was amazing content in there. I KNEW it could help women connect to and shape the voice of their brand.

But another self-paced copywriting course?? *eye roll*

I wanted to do something DIFFERENT. And it took me a helluva long time to figure out what that might look like and how to resurrect it from the ashes of the original Deeper Than Words course.

I’m here to tell you I finally figured it out.

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The Secret Sauce to Positioning Your Products (or Services)

If you've ever had a conversation with another human being you know we love to talk about ourselves.  We may have grown out of our egocentric ways in toddlerhood but, as it turns out, we are never far from our own minds.

Now before you start sighing about the state of society, this is actually great news.  Trust me.

Because when you're clients (or potential clients) are talking about their lives in a completely organic way you're getting all kinds of juicy info you can use to position your products in a way that'll be meaningful to them.

The more detailed and specific that information is, the better.  As I've said before, demographics just aren't going to cut it.

Once you start to gather specific information about the lives of your target market (without turning into a creepy internet stalkerazzi, I promise) the most important question you can ask is WHY.

Why changes everything.

Why changes how you position your product or service.  Why allows them to see themselves in what you're selling.

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Hook Them With Style

Whether you're writing a page on your site, an email or a social media post, the first thing you have to do is capture your audience's attention.  Which means you need a killer hook.

When I'm writing a page of copy I can't get the rest of the page out until I've nailed the hook.  I'm not sure how other copywriters approach their work (there are probably 3421 ways to start a piece of copy) but for me it's all about the hook.  And a great hook is often my favourite part.

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How to Use Storytelling the RIGHT Way

The stories you tell to convince consumers they need your company and products are essential.  And storytelling is so hot in marketing right now it's like The Weekend's performance at the 2015 VMA's (if you don't know who that is - ask a teenager).  It's important because your story will determine what kind of clients you attract.  You want to attract the right ones for your business (and repel others).  It's also an essential part in establishing that emotional connection.

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WARNING: You're Losing Money By Not Maximizing Curiosity

"Curiouser and curiouser," was Alice's remark upon tumbling down the rabbit hole.  But instead of all those strange creatures giving her pause, it was her curiosity that became one of the driving forces that led her through the book.

Perhaps Lewis Carroll knew instinctively that our brains are hard-wired to be curious.  It's an evolutionary advantage you see, to pay attention to novel things.  In case that information might be valuable for our survival.  So how can you use this built-in biological instinct to your advantage?

In business, evoking curiosity in your audience can prove essential to your bottom line.  If you want great click-throughs on social media, email campaigns, PPC ads, you name it you need an element of curiosity.  Hell, even if you just want to keep them reading.  Then you need to craft headlines with curiosity and tease it out slowly.

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