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Batching. . .Good for More Than Just Meal Planning.

My food planning tends to look like this…
It’s 5:30 PM and I turn to my kids and say, “Sooooo what do you guys want for dinner?”  Then we forage in the kitchen until someone declares, “Pasta.”

But when it comes to writing for my biz…I’m a little more organized.


Because you lose 20% of your time every time your brain has to change gears from one task to the next.  It’s called context switching and it’s probably eating your productivity.

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What Can You Learn from the Top 3 Websites on The Planet?

Do you know what the top 3 most popular websites are right now?

1. Google
2. Facebook
3.  YouTube

Do you know what they have in common?

They're all about content & connection.

Wikipedia, Yahoo & Twitter are also in the top 10.  In fact, the only e-commerce website to crack the top 10 is Amazon.

Gone are the days of the faceless corporation.  Gone are the days of big businesses who don't connect with or care about their customers.  and if the "big guys" have to make an effort to find ways to connect, as a small business you've got no excuses.

What does that tell you YOUR website should do?  Yep, offer stellar content that provides values & insights to your audience (I know easier said than done).  And finds ways to connect with them on every stinking page!

How do you create an emotional connection with visitors on your website?  How do you demonstrate your humanity & compassion?

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Content Goop

Yet all over the internet, you'll find articles telling you to get your ideas from your competition, to recycle the viral posts of other people (hey it worked for them it'll work for you, right?).  They tell you to find the influencers in your niche and...monkey see, monkey do.  Because that's the best we can aspire to right?  Brainless monkeys who mirror the greatness of others.

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