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The Sound of Silence - Good Song, Bad for Business

The whole "it's better to beg forgiveness than ask permission" thing...I don't buy it.

At least not in business.

Because while you're off doing your thing & not communicating the other person is left to fill in the blank with why you didn't show up, didn't deliver, didn't follow through or otherwise do the thing they expected you to.

And they may or may not fill in the blank with generous assumptions about you.

It's so much better to manage expectations, to be honest, & to COMMUNICATE what's going on with you than let the silence lengthen.

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The Agony & the Ecstasy of Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

I couldn't help the David Bowie reference.  Forgive me or don't or just go listen to some 70s music.

Your business is constantly changing...or it should be.  Perhaps evolving is a better word.  Your business should constantly be evolving.

You've got a flood of new creative ideas, things you want to try or add on or take away.  Maybe you want to move in a new direction or expand in a direction you're already moving.  Maybe your ideal client has shifted and now you need to woo some new peeps.  

Every business is constantly evolving.  

Stagnation is the kiss of death because it means you're no longer worth paying attention to.


You also want your brand to stay recognisable.  You want it to feel the same.  You want certain things (like your core message) to remain unshakable even while you're movin' & groovin' & experimenting to your heart's content.

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