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Niches, Perfect Positioning & Priceless Feedback

I am obsessed with brand positioning statements.  I learned just how beautiful and genius these things could be a few weeks ago from Ash Ambirge.  And it was love at first look-at-the-possibilities-bursting-in-this-paragraph kind of glee.

Since then I've written one for myself (of course) and used it to refresh the About section of my Facebook page.  I've played with and tweaked and refined these statements into Homepages for clients.  I wrote one for a course (course positioning statement?) and wove it into a sales page for another client.  And I've even taken the idea and refined and polished it into an ideal client statement for sort of a tribe positioning statement.

I told you I was obsessed.

It's a fantastic idea and I'm running amok with it.  Deconstructing it.  Adding to it, mucking about and playing with all the little bits and pieces like a kid with a new puzzle.  Creative evolution for the win!  And it gives me such massive clarity around the themes I should be working with in the writing.  Yay!!

So much fun!

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