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Permission NOT to #hustle

I'm taking a break from all the copywriting wisdom I've been sending the last couple of weeks to say...

One of the biggest personal mindf*cks about being in business is giving myself permission NOT to #hustle #riseandgrind #stayhungry #workhard

I think crazy work ethic is genetically encoded in my bones.  Reinforced by everything in North American culture from school to media to the entrepreneurial obsession with the word "hustle".

I've been guilty of wearing "busy" as a badge of honour.  I've made "productivity" my slave driver.  I've allowed my accomplishments determine my self-worth.

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Stop Feeling Guilty for Your Lack of Balance

Like graduating from tricycle to two-wheeler.  Or losing your first tooth, bloodied but triumphant, this fall I've graduated to a new level in my solopreneur, work-from-home journey.

You see my kids are getting a little bit older (funny how they're always doing that) and a little more independent.  Meaning I now have dedicated kid-free hours to work every week.  Without having to beg one of my relatives on bended knee to watch my kids (okay that still sometimes happens).

Apparently, I've gotten VERY used to this in the few short months since September.  Because Christmas vacation + work-from-home = INSANITY

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