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Are You Hanging Out in Maslow's Basement? One Thing You Can Try When No One is Buying & You Feel Like They Just Don't Get It

When I picked my 4-year-old up from JK the other day he showed me a rare piece of artwork (he's mostly into building things and leaves the art to his older sister).  I gushed.  I oohed & aahed over his abstract masterpiece.

"Hmmm," I said, "I think it looks like a muddy puddle you were jumping in and these are muddy footprints walking off the page."

His proud smile vanished instantly.  I had gotten it wrong.  And he was more than a little miffed that I couldn't tell that his fingerprints were clearly dinosaur footprints leading directly to the swooshy bit which was obviously the cave where the dino was hiding out.  I mean, come on Mom, get it right!

And with that explanation, I could see it.  I just needed a little help to see what had been so vivid inside his mind all along.  But my poor boy was also a little deflated at having to explain it to me.  Like he hadn't done a good enough job communicating his vision through fingerpaint for me to see it the way he had.

So, we had big hugs and I told him how much I loved it and asked if it was okay if I displayed on the fridge (which we all know is the Guggenheim of childhood art) when we got home.  Maybe we could even put one of our dinosaur magnets over the cave and pretend that was the dino hiding out.  Which, of course, perked him up 'cause 4-year-olds are resilient like that.

But on the drive home, I couldn't help thinking how so often we do the same things with our businesses.  We create a vision in our heads of what we want it to look like.  We carefully bring our vision to life.  We choose some images that seem to be the right ones, pick a few colours that we love & go well together, maybe even invest in a professionally designed logo & brand photos.  And we talk about our biz on our websites and Facebook & Twitter & Instagram with the passion of someone who believes in their vision and the hours they've invested in bringing it to life.

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