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Do You Remember Your First?

Do you remember the first time you rode a bike?
Your first school dance?
Your first kiss?

What about your first website?  First client?  First live event?

My week was full of so many firsts.  I'll be processing everything that's happened for weeks.  First solo trip without hubby and kids.  first time in NYC.  By day 3 I was missing my kids big time.  And by day 4 they were melting down & missing me too.  And since returning home I've been bombarded with snuggles, I love yous, I miss yous, look what I made for yous - everything that says we're both really glad I'm home.

I attended my first business conference which will forever stand out in a class all its own.  I have a sneaking suspicion there aren't any conferences out there where you laugh so much, cry so hard, dance like no one is watching (and any time we needed to shift the energy) dropped all the masks, shared secret dreams and sacred space with women from around the world.  Got hypnotised by the best (and hoped it worked).   Listened to the most courageous truth-telling from speakers and fellow attendees - and felt the rise and fall of each of their journeys in your chest.

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