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BRAVING the Customer Relationship: How to Build a Trustworthy Brand

Maybe it was her kind eyes, easy laugh or the way she could tell a great story but when we met, I immediately like her.  Have you ever met someone and instantly clicked?  Felt unabashedly at ease?  Wanted to share your stories in return?

People react to brands and businesses the same way, don't they?  Some brands quickly earn the trust of their clients and customers.  While others seem to attract only skeptics or one-time users.

Building a brand that people instantly connect to and trust is essential.  We don't have the luxury of a big name that everyone knows.  And building trust online without the concrete sensory experience of a bricks & mortar shop can be especially challenging.  So, how do you build a trustworthy brand from the ground up?

A couple of weeks ago I talked about how I'm learning to trust myself more and more every day, especially when it comes to following my heart and running my own business.

I also mentioned this talk by the incomparable Bréné Brown, who discusses the Anatomy of Trust and gives us a language for breaking down this tiny word with more baggage than a Hollywood diva.

This time, as I was watching again, and taking notes I realised how B.R.A.V.I.N.G. could be applied to any relationship.

Even your customer relationship.

Let's see how BRAVING your customer relationship can lead to a trustworthy brand.

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