Summer Rhythms & The Freedom of Flexibility

Summer always has its own rhythm.

It's kids out of school.
Winding road trips.
And beaches that beckon.

It's long days that stretch into sunsets & bonfires.
Good books & good chai under the shade of a silver maple.
Walking every trail you can find just to be in nature.

With the outdoors begging for barefoot adventures & iced lemonade calling from the side of the pool it can feel down right oppressive to be stuck inside staring at your computer screen.

Aside from moving your home office to your patio (something I do every chance I get) or grabbing pen + gorgeous stationery to strategize, dream & write on picnic blankets beneath shade trees, the question becomes: how can your business be flexible enough to accommodate seasonal schedules?

Even if you're not rocking the digital nomad life & your roots run deep.  And even if you've got small children who thrive on routine.

1. New Season New Schedule

I started this last summer & it worked so well I'm doing it again.  September - June my work hours are usually school hours.  But with the kids home all day I have to get creative.  Mine are still young (7 &4) & want to actually do stuff with Mom.  I'm trying to savour this while I can because I know all too soon it'll be so not cool to hang with your Mom.  

So now my work day starts at 5 am and ends at noon.  This means I get 2 - 3 kid-free hours to concentrate while they're still asleep.  With the exception of breakfast, which I still make, my kids know when they get up they have to entertain/occupy themselves for the morning.

Then at noon, I stop working & we eat lunch.  After that, we'll head to the nearest beach/ park/ splash pad/ walking trail.  Or if it's a rainy day we'll head to the library, pull out board games or turn the living room into a movie theatre.

Confession: if we stay at home I find it SO HARD to stay away from all things work.  Creative junkie.

When it comes to my biz knowing I have a firm "punch out" time & 2 little people who'll keep me accountable to it + the possibilities of interruptions means I have to be ruthless with my priorities.

2. New Season New Offer

This year I'm also getting flexible with what I'm offering.  Usually, I'm all about the big, meaty projects that I can sink my creative teeth into.  But this summer I definitely wanted to try something...lighter.

After completely redesigning my Brand Personality Quiz & all the brand resource guides to go with it (they're SO gorgeous!!) I found myself chatting with entrepreneurs about their specific Brand Personality mix & how this impacts ALL of your messaging.

I was inspired to extract a piece of the brand strategy process that's an essential ingredient to every client project & offer it as a separate, bite-sized piece.  Perfect for clients who want to create a brand voice that helps them stand out & feels true to their personality.  And all they need is a starting point, some inspiration, someone to show them how it works & where to begin.  I break down their unique mix of Brand Personalities, the themes they should play with in their copy & the sweet spot where what matters most to them overlaps with what their clients care about.  It was the perfect summer project for me - smaller in scope but still creating a meaningful impact for my clients.  I've booked 4 so far & I'm in love.


Ultimately, being an entrepreneur is all about freedom.  And when it beings to feel oppressive (even if that's just because the summer sun is calling) then it's time to whip out your creativity & find a way to make it fun again.


Does your schedule change in the summer?  How do you balance working at home & kids on summer break?  Do you spontaneously create new offers when you need a change?  I'd love to know in the comments.