Stop Kicking Your Own A** & Start Creating (aka The One That Got Away)

The one that got away...

No, that's not a euphemism for some guy I dated in high school & still find myself mooning over what might have been.  Thankfully, I can say I don't have any of those particular romantic ghosts. 

I'm talking about clients.

The client you said no to because your calendar was full.  The client you said no to because you hadn't stopped to take a breath in 6 weeks and your creativity was stretched and sanity slipping.  The client you said no to because you promised yourself you'd get a handle on this work/life balance thing.

And double-booking isn't balance.

Except literally days after you say no you watch their business blow up.  I mean REALLY blow up (which is truly awesome for them).  And to make matters worse another client cancels last second.

So now you're officially on vacation whether you like it or not.


And even though you reach out with the opening due to's too late.

Well, if you're me you spend approximately the next 2 weeks kicking your own ass for not being able to see the future and recognise the whale of opportunity pinging you in Facebook.  

And I've been struggling to console, convince & remind myself...

that everything happens for a reason,
that this wasn't meant to be my opportunity,
that protecting my sanity, creativity & relationships will ALWAYS be the right choice (even if sometimes it doesn't feel like it).

But I'm still learning to trust myself and my ability to make the right call.  To listen to my gut, my intuition...whatever you prefer to call it.  Without second-guessing or analysing all 762 angles, both of which lead to paralysis.

So I've done what any good creative entrepreneur would do in this situation.  First I commiserated with my business besties and my Vendeve squad.  Because sometimes, clearly, you just need to vent.

Then I signed up to host 2 expert Q&A sessions (aka my 1st live webinar [insert terror here]) one on finding your bravest, boldest voice and one on finding a niche with clients you love.

In other words, I got busy moving my business forward.  Finding new ways to reach out, connect and create.

Because if you're going to obsess about "what if" you might as well find an interesting way to finish the question.

What if I create something new?
What if I make new connections?
What if I let go of the missed opportunity & leave myself open to the next one?

Because the possibilities are endless.  And always have been, if we can only stop for a moment to remember it.