Speaking Your Truth

I love this phrase, don’t you?  It hints that you have perspectives, secrets, wisdom hidden within you waiting to come out.  Once you uncover your courage & unlock your voice.  And because it’s yours... it’s unique.

Something only you have to offer.

Whether you’re in convo with your best girlfriends or writing for your website or sharing a Facebook Live - speaking your truth is soooo important.

So often we grow up & lose our voice along the way.  We lose touch with what it is we really want to say.  Need to share.  Our truths become buried beneath layers of fear.

If you’re an introvert you’ve learned to hide what you think out of fear of social judgement because you’ve been told you’re too quiet, too shy, too sensitive.  Or maybe you’ve experienced the awkward silences needed to collect your thoughts & formulate your jewels of wisdom.  Others rushed into fill the gap leaving the words to echo in your head.  Or pop up after the conversation had moved on - or worse on the car ride home.

Over time that’s become the safe place for your words to stay - in your head.  What you’re really thinking remains tucked away inside where no one can comment on it but no one can benefit from it either.  Don’t be fooled by the stories of your past (“you’re not good enough”  “we don’t really want you”) you do have something of value to contribute.

Life generally does an excellent job of squashing extraverts as well.  Except we tell them they’re too loud, they need to tone it down, cool their jets or not be so disruptive.  So they do.  And their truest voice, the exuberant one that wants to shout from the rooftops about the things that matter to them & mobilise others to care & take action...gets tucked away inside their heads.  And a more acceptable voice emerges.  One that holds back, reigns it in, one that’s not too opinionated.  But still, those thoughts & that fire is swirling around inside their heads, full of all the things they never say.  And extraverts too need to recognise that these stories from their past that say they’re too much, the world can’t handle them - are wrong.  They’ve actually learned a valuable lesson about adjusting the strength of their message  - & it’s okay to dial it back up now.  To embrace their natural levels of output.  Because they too have something incredibly valuable to contribute & we can only learn from them when they relax into themselves.

Speaking your truth can be scary.  It can feel daring.  And it can take some practice to get it right.  But don’t ever think the world doesn’t need your voice.  Your perspective.  Your truth.

It does.  We do.

We need all the voices.

Even the ones who don’t agree with us.  Even the ones whose truth creates fire in our bellies or tightness in our hearts.  Their truth brushes up against us and calls us to refine our own.  That’s okay.  It’s okay to be challenged & triggered.  It’s okay to question where you stand & what you know.

You can either adjust the way you think...or not.  But that’s all part of speaking your truth.  You must allow others to speak theirs too.  Even if they disagree with you.  Especially if they disagree with you.  Otherwise, we end up with only one voice - speaking for everyone.  And the only person who benefits from that?  Is the one left talking.

We need all the perspectives shared generously so we can find our own path.  Find our own tribe.  Discover the people who think the same way we do & better understand & have compassion for those who think differently.

And we can only do that if you stop hiding.  If I stop hiding.  And we start sharing what’s true for us.  So share all of your stories.

Share them with compassion & with love.  Speak your truth without apology but do it with gentleness & kindness because you never know who is reading/ listening/ watching.

May your words, in whatever form, always aim to heal, to unite & to assert yourself with grace & love.