Solopreneurship Starts Now

Starting a business as a solopreneur has certainly been a journey.  Mostly it's been an uphill battle getting to the point where you can actually launch.

Then there's this terrifying moment of teetering on the precipice, gripped by fear and self-doubt.  That moment when you think why did I get on this ride? It felt safer back on the ground.  I think I want off. But by some miraculous combination of perseverance and guts. And maniacally repeating what's the worst that could happen? Seriously, what's the worst that could happen?  (and then ignoring the answer) You step onto the ride and become...a solopreneur. (a solo entrepreneur in case you haven't worked that out yet because my spell check hates me for it).

Roller coaster by Mark Asthoff from Unsplash

And then you start to build momentum.

You find a mentorship program that seems specifically designed just for you! Perfect you think, maybe I can avoid some of those awkward and inevitable mistakes one makes when first starting out (like sharing too much information on your blog...wait, what?)

This roller coast is awesome!  Why didn't I do this years ago?  What the hell was I afraid of? Will it be bucketloads of hard work?  Of course, it will.  But it might actually be fun too.

Then you land your first client.  And that coaster climbs even higher.  You dive into the research like the eager beaver you are.  The further you delve into the project the more you realize you can help and the more your self-confidence grows.  It seems like this roller coaster might just break through the clouds.

Sure there's a few dips and twists.  Like the car accident 5 days before you launched your business (that sucked, still feeling those effects).  Or the late nights working on the project for your first client.  But who really needs sleep?  That's why they invented caffeine right?  Overall though, things couldn't be off to a better start.

But then the coaster dips and leaves your stomach behind.

First, that amazing mentorship program tailored just for you gets postponed and falls through.  And on the same day - bad news from a client.  That roller coaster that's been sailing along making butterflies in your stomach and plastering a stupid grin on your face just sort of grinds to a halt.  

For weeks you've been like a little kid, so excited about your new venture it's all you can talk about.  To everyone.  And you're barely listening to anything they have to say in return, unless it's about your business, of course.

Sorry about that.

But the ups and downs, the momentum and stalling is what being a solopreneur is all about.  That's why so many people choose to play it safe.  To stay in a job that's predictable and secure.  Good 'ol reliable.

Because things will be discouraging probably just as often as not.  After you take a day to dust yourself off and figure out what direction to go in next you've got to just get back on that coaster and get it moving again.

What's your best strategy/ technique to keep moving even when you feel discouraged?

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