Self-Expression FIRST

Why is it that when we sit down to write we put SO MUCH PRESSURE on ourselves to get it perfect from the first burst of inspiration?  The first words to erupt from beneath the tips of our pens?

I know, this might be a little surprising coming from someone who makes it her vocation to choose the perfect word.  Someone who routinely spends hours browsing through the thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, idioms dictionary and alliteration generator.  Don't get me wrong, when I write copy the words DO matter.  Especially because I always explain every paragraph, sometimes every sentence and even each word and why it's been chosen to my clients.

But even when I'm writing for the all important, holy grail of copy (aka the sales page) I don't stress about the words as they flow the first time.

First drafts are meant to be messy.  They're meant to be raw.  For me, they're always meant to be written on paper where I can scratch out, circle, star and come back to as the words and ideas tumble out. 

Writing is first and foremost, an act of self-expression.

Whether I'm channelling a client or free-flowing from my own voice here on the blog or social media.  Writing is just that, giving voice to the ideas that are waiting to be born through you.  Exploring the world inside your head or trying to make sense of the one that surrounds you.

Writing is about bravely sharing your unique perspective - even if you don't know how everyone will react.

What if the next time you sat down to write you forgot (for a second) about having to make the sale?  About wanting to go viral?  About how much engagement you'll get?

And just saw it as an act of self-expression.

Essential for building a brand from the heart.  And perhaps even necessary for survival.  Maybe you think that sounds dramatic but Maya Angelou said, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." And I tend to agree with her.

So stop worrying about SEO and calls to action and whether you're saying it the "right" way for a minute and just say what needs to be said.  Say what's swirling around in your brain or thumping its way through your veins.  Say what's meaningful to you.

Does that take some of the pressure off?   

Because word refinement can always come later.  Words are merely one of the tools we use to express ourselves.  They aren't our master.  Don't let the search for the perfect word stop you from speaking.

What if we saw words as just limitless possibilities for expressing ourselves, our ideas, our personalities?

Doesn't that FEEL more inviting?  Doesn't that take the pressure off "getting it right" and give us permission to just show up as ourselves and know that's enough?

I hope that's inspiration enough to get your pen moving again.