When Self-Doubt Sneaks Up...

Self-doubt can show up at any stage of the game.  Whether you're brand new & struggling with imposter syndrome (read what Seth Godin has to say about that here & you'll feel infinitely better, I promise).  Or you've been in biz for a while now & *something* happens to shake your confidence.

That happened to me recently.

I read an article from a copywriting guru (PS I hope you diversify in your industry gurus & subscribe to a variety of voices & opinions for times like these).  This article left me feeling like a COMPLETE & UTTER FRAUD.  I was totally spinning.  I was wondering if I should pursue the energy healing I do on the side full-time?  I was wondering if I should go get a part-time job?  I mean, this guru got in my head!

It happens right?  You're boppin' along in your biz & then BAM! paralyzing self-doubt.  Right when you thought you'd mastered that S.O.B.

First, I looked hard at my metrics.  At open rates, click-throughs & conversion rates for validation.  Thankfully, I found what I suspected, that my numbers are good & that I DO, in fact, know what I'm doing.

Then I headed over to my favourite place online & laid it bare.  It's really the only space I feel comfortable letting it all hang out as an entrepreneur.

I received awesome wisdom, reassurance & encouragement from this group.  Let me share just a bit of their brilliance with you here.

If I listened to everyone who said I couldn't do it I'd be slinging burgers at Mickey D's. (Mmmm Hmmm)

Gurus don't ALWAYS know what they're talking about & sometimes the articles are written to be controversial so they get eyeballs. (Got my eyeball fo' sure)

Are you better than you were yesterday?  Are you keeping your ego in check & pushing yourself to learn more, do more, be more?  Do you have a great relationship with your clients?  Everything else...f*ck 'em.  (<< THIS!)

You ARE f*cking good at your thing & no one has any business telling anyone else they have no business doing what they do. (Hell yes!)

Don't ever let some article written by the expert of the day decide if you should be doing what you're doing.  That is decided by your clients. (Amen!)

Sometimes articles are being written in order to encourage business their way & disqualify everyone else. (nailed it because I totally felt disqualified).

The love went on...it was an amazing thread because here's the thing:

We all know what it's like to feel those moments of self-doubt.

Sometimes...you just need a little help from your posse to shake it off.

My biggest takeaway was this:

Metrics are important (I mean, no one hire's a copywriter without expecting to improve their conversion rate) BUT the most important metric of all is that your clients are head over heels in love with the work you create for them.

If you've got that, you're in business.