Screaming Toddlers & Understanding Your Clients

If you’ve ever been a parent of small children (or know someone who is) you’ve probably witnessed the epic display that is a toddler having a tantrum.

I swear it’s more traumatic for the parent than it is for the 3-yr-old.

One particular time stands out for me. . .

We were at The Early Years Centre (think playgroup; parents sipping coffee while toddlers run amok in barely controlled chaos) and my daughter did NOT want to leave. She threw a monster tantrum, refused to put on her shoes, screamed, cried, ticked every stereotype on the toddler tantrum list.

And I, already frazzled from an hour of frenetic, high-volume pandemonium, picked her up unceremoniously under one arm (like a flailing human football) grabbed all our stuff in the other arm and marched out to the parking lot.

I remember feeling mortified and slightly judged by the other parents for my inability to control a toddler (absurd but I felt it anyway).

And perhaps because of those feelings I will always remember the other mom in the parking lot.

She was quietly escorting her well-behaved children into the mayhem of the playgroup and she looked at me and said…

”We’ve all been there”.

Deep sigh. Relief. Acknowledgement.

Her kind words changed my day, lowered my anxiety and reminded me that not everyone is judging me. I may still have a screaming toddler tucked under my arm but I wasn’t alone.

Recently, I was in a grocery store (by myself #bliss) and I heard a wailing child from about 3 aisles away.

As her cart rounded my aisle she looked at me apologetically and tried to shush her screaming little one.

I was immediately transported back to the parking lot (6 or 7 years ago now).

And I looked at her and said,
”We’ve all been there”. (actually I had to kind of shout it at her over the screaming)

She smiled.

Because for one second she felt seen. She wasn’t the only one to ever walk through the grocery store with a screaming toddler.

Kind words can change everything.
They can stay with you for YEARS.

So, let me ask you…

What’s the one thing that your clients need to hear from you today?
What’s the one thing you could tell them that would make them feel less alone, and more seen? To remind them that we’ve all been there and you’ve got this.

Say it in an email.
Say it on social media.
Put it on the top of your sales page or homepage.

You never know, it might stay with them for years.