Practicing Boundaries

Business has been a place for me to practice setting and lovingly maintaining boundaries.

  • Boundaries on projects (no to scope creep).

  • Boundaries on time (I just can’t do it all and that’s okay).

  • Boundaries on worth (yep, that price is correct).

  • Boundaries on energy (when can I show up to an equal exchange of positive, supportive energy - ‘cause I’m all in. And everywhere else…not so much).

Setting these boundaries haven’t always been easy. I’ve fumbled a few times. People-pleaser in recovery.

But it HAS been a beautiful place to practice and find the line between HARSH BITCH MODE and a firm but loving no.

Feeling it out along the way.

And, of course, because business is a fast track to personal growth I’ve also learned to carry over my boundary setting wisdom to the rest of my life.