Play with the Possibilities: Rebranding, Transformation and Growth

Who doesn't love a good transformation story?
Rags to riches?
A Cinderella make-over?
An ugly little caterpillar who inches along in life until one day he manages to emerge a butterfly and stun the world?  Take that haters!

But for most of us, our transformations are a little less dramatic (although hopefully it's more than a once-in-a-lifetime event for you).  All these transformations represent one thing - growth.

That uncomfortable feeling you get when the life (or business) you've so meticulously created for yourself starts to feel...not quite right.

At first, it's like an itch you can't quite scratch - this annoying, vague, won't-go-away-awareness.  But you have no idea what to DO about it.  Until that feeling gathers strength and intensity and becomes so loud and insistent you have to DO SOMETHING.

So you begin to question the way things have always been done.  The way you've gotten used to being in the world.  And sometimes just asking how could I do this differently? opens up a whole world of possibilities.

Then your cozy, little, well-ordered life gets messy, strange and for a while, you tumble down your own private rabbit hole.  As you stretch.  Rearrange.  Chuck everything that's not essential.  Make room for imagination.  Begin to play with the possibilities.  And regain your muchness.

You come to the rather startling conclusion that you are far more in charge of your life (and your business) than you ever realized.  For better or worse...but hopefully for the better.

And this happens every.  Single.  Time.

I just built this new website and finished a complete rebranding of my business.  My latest transformation.  After realizing I wasn't tethered to the way I'd been doing things.

I could tell you all about the reasons behind the decision to rebrand like...

1.  The opportunity to choose a way more creative name.  Important when you're a creative professional and people hire you for your unique synaptic bursts of genius.  I also hired a graphic designer to create my first ever logo!

2. Switching from a one-page to multi-page website so I can better track analytics and actually do target segmentation and maybe improve SEO.

3. A new niche.  Clients were coming to me from outside my niche so I wanted a way to rethink it and embrace the diverse people who were approaching me.  I thought niches could only be done one of 2 ways: by product or by industry served.  Then someone showed me it could also be done by style! Eureka!  My approach is sort of a hybrid: style+ product

4. A chance to put up a new design.  I'm not a designer (see the disclaimer in the last post) so every time I learn a bit more I think my design skills improve a bit.  Things feel more cohesive this time.  That said, don't judge me too harshly - I've still got a lot to learn.  At least until I can afford a fancy design studio to do it for me ;)

5.  Displaying prices and adding a shopping cart.  This.  Was.  Huge.  And I'm still terrified.  I've never put packages together and attached specific timelines and price tags before.  And to be frank, I've never been this transparent about money before.

- it will eliminate the impression it'll cost you a luxury car to work with me
- it will also eliminate the elance crew looking for a page of copy for $20
- no more proposals (for the most part) hallelujah!
- greater control of my timelines and therefore, scheduling - amen!

But my rebrand is really a transformation.  The realization, yet again, that I have far more control over my life than I usually delude myself into believing.  It isn't a rags to riches saga - although ultimately it's engineered to help my bottom line.  It isn't a Cinderella story - 'cause there's no fairy godmother waving her wand to magically conjure a line of clients clamoring for my services.  And there sure as hell isn't a Prince.

But it is my imagination coming out to play.  It's pushing me out of "the way things were done" and moving into new, uncomfortable territory.  It's constantly asking why.  And it's inching along, getting closer to the business that will serve my clients better and allow me to live the life I desire.

And the best part of this transformation - this kind of growth?  It's never done.  As long as you remember to play with the possibilities.

This article was originally published on The Coffeelicious