Drunk Worms, Pop-Bottle Playlists & Why Personalization Means Profit

How do you like your tequila?  If you're anything like me, the answer is probably...in a glass?  I know precisely one cocktail that has tequila in it, plus a few fuzzy memories of tequila shots from my younger days.  But that's about it.

But what if someone asked you to bring a bottle to a party?  I'd stare hopelessly at the shelves with no idea what to pick.  (Because I'm precisely the type of person who worries in advance what would happen if anyone asked me to bring a bottle of pretty much any type of alcohol to a party)  Which is why these cards, placed strategically around my liquor store immediately caught my eye.

There are different cards for different sections, whisky, rum coolers, beer, wine, etc.

Suddenly, I didn't have to spend hours Googling, wander aimlessly up and down the aisles or rely on the advice of a stranger who, like me, may or may not actually drink tequila.

All I had to know was what I liked.  Choosing a flavour combination was something I could handle.  And these little charts?  Personalized the buying process - like the world's simplest concierge.

People LOVE personalization.

Want a monogrammed iPhone charger?  Yep, they have those.  How about a romantic wooden keyboard where the letters of your initials & your lover's initials are painted in red?  It can be done.

Even if you don't have products you could monogram (or want to for that matter) you can still get in on personalization as a service-based business.  If you provide a service people love to feel like they're getting personalized attention.  Or personal touches that tailor the experience just for them.

Why do we love personalization so much?

Because it allows us to feel unique.
Because it allows us to see ourselves in your product or service.
Because it allows us to make choices based on who we are and who we aspire to be.

Personalization reflects the story we're telling ourselves about what we value.  It feels good to make choices that are in alignment with our worldviews.

This is another reason personality quizzes do so well.  We can't resist the temptation of a personality quiz that pops up on our news feed in Facebook.  We're always seeking out information that confirms or enriches what we know about ourselves.

And if we stumble on a business with a personality quiz we're quick to see what this person can tell us about ourselves.  If there are any new insights to be gleaned or maybe just some comforting reassurances.  Personality quizzes allow us to see how the message, service or product of the business matches up with our personality - to see if we're a good fit.

Speaking of personality quizzes, if you haven't had a chance to check out my personality quiz yet, here it is.  There's a free branding resource guide that goes with each personality.  I'm an artist with a dash of rebel and explorer.  By far the most popular personality so far is Visionary.

Coke has a brilliant campaign out right now in partnership with Spotify.  When you buy a specially marked bottle, and download their app you unlock specially curated playlists for different occasions.

You choose the bottle with the playlist that reflects your mood, situation, style, or personality.  

Maybe you choose the bottle that says, "Summer Jams" or "Drop the Beat" or maybe you're looking for something more romantic like "Date Night" or "First Kiss".

Last summer Coke used names on their bottle to add a dimension of personalization to buying a bottle of pop.  Now they've stepped up their game with playlists.  And customers still have a way to proudly show off who they are based on which bottle of pop they choose to buy.  For example, they might be just the sort of person to sip a diet Coke and listen to a "Throwback" playlist on a Thursday afternoon.

The best businesses use personalization to position themselves so they stand out from the competitors and allow their customers to make choices that affirm what they already believe to be true about themselves.

CHALLENGE TIME: If you haven't already, find little ways to personlize the experience your customers have with your brand.