On the Road Again. . .

Last week I spent over 12 hours driving (16 + hours over 3 days sitting in the car). My sister and I got REALLY lost. Not in the that-was-a-fun-detour kinda way but in the it’s-10PM-and-where-the-hell-are-we kinda way. We ended up 1/2 way to Sudbury before we pulled over and conceded we were fo’ sure NOT where we were supposed to be.

Which got me thinking. . .

  1. It’s important to fill up your tank.

    Getting lost at night in rural, small-town Ontario where gas stations often close at 10 PM (or earlier) could have been disastrous (at least until CAA arrived). Thankfully, we had a full tank of gas before we left.

    What does it look like to fill up your tank? Is it socializing or silence? Is it hiring help or making space to get the job done? For me, it’s a combo of inspiration + self-care. How often do we refuse to pay attention to our energy levels until we’re burnt out and completely depleted? It’s better to fill up first.

  2. Choose Who You Travel With Carefully

    We can all imagine getting lost late at night and travelling with someone who would’ve been angry, exasperated, guilt-inducing and generally made the rest of the trip tense & exhausting. Not helpful. We’ve all missed the on ramp now and again.

    My sister and I, however, laughed at our "lostness”. We laughed at how far we’d allowed ourselves to get before figuring it out. We laughed at the anticipated reaction of her husband (who was on Daddy duty) and our Mom (who was babysitting my kids). We laughed at the teasing she was going to endure from a husband who’s notorious for getting lost and parents who still insist on paper maps.

    And we shrugged our shoulders agreeing that the silver lining was an extra hour and a half to talk.

    Whether in life or business make sure you LIKE the people who travel alongside you. People who aren’t going to make you feel badly about making a mistake or getting off track. It happens to all of us so you might as well surround yourself with people who lift you up and can make you laugh.

  3. Catharsis happens along the way

    I drove another hour and a half after dropping off my sister to get home. It was the perfect time to dream big, plan, think things through with moonlight and music as my guide. I sang my way home.

    Letting go and healing don’t happen when you arrive. They aren’t a destination. They happen along the road. In silence and song, breath and pulse. On winding roads filled with starlight that stretch into the black, silky night.

What’s 1 thing you can do today to fill up your tank? Is it time to let go of anyone you’re traveling with? Or let someone know how grateful you are to have ‘em around? Where in your business do you feel most on track? Where does it feel like you’ve gotten off track and what’s one thing you can do to change course today?

Travel well friends.