On Lighting a Fire. . .

I'm a big believer in intrinsic motivation.  Maybe because money was never a big motivator for me.  How many times have I uttered the words, "You couldn't PAY me enough to..."?  Countless, I'm sure.

Or maybe because I came with this built-in drive.  This need to create, to express myself, to bring my ideas to life.  I think many entrepreneurs share that internal fire.  So I always thought intrinsic motivation was where it was AT.

Until I found myself crawling through the creation of a project I KNEW would be amazing for my biz but those sneaky self-doubts slid silently into place anyway.

There was hesitation, procrastination, stumbling about, asking for feedback "aka reassurance" from colleagues.  AND ENDLESS EDITING.

Self-imposed deadlines slid ever backwards.  And as much as I could recognise that I was losing money and losing opportunities and delaying all the delicious results of my hard work...

somehow it was easier to listen to the whispers of "not yet" or "you can do it better" or any of the old stories that wouldn't last a second if it was work for a client.

It was the perfect time for a little EXTRINSIC motivation.

I witnessed first hand this week the motivational power of having someone else believe in me for a change.  Because self-belief wavers for all of us every now and again.

I've been creating this copywriting course FOR MONTHS.  I've been mentioning it for months.  I put up the landing page for the wait-list and thought public accountability would help me move through the fears of attempting to distil my knowledge into bite-sized, actionable chunks.  Fears of returning to the "classroom".  Fears of being "good enough" and delivering.  Fears of doing it differently.

Even as the names piled up on that list.  All I could do was research and inch my way towards the vision I had.

I finally created the sales page.  Wrote and designed it in 24 hours.  It poured out of me.  But then, it had been a long time coming.

That's when the magic happened (I hope you believe in magic).  I shared the sales page with a trusted group of fellow entrepreneurs and asked for feedback.

I received gorgeous, loving feedback like I knew I would and the sales page is all the better for it.

I also got my first student.

I panicked.  I wasn't ready.  I'd been delaying all the videos because, have I mentioned, I hate doing video?

But someone had enthusiastically jumped.  Believed in me.  Trusted me.  After seeing the sales page once.  That NEVER happens.

I was humbled.  And terrified.  And it lit a fire like I don't think anything else could have.

The next day I . . .
- filmed, edited and uploaded 12 videos (batching is the best)
- created the Facebook group
- created a survey
- created a workbook
- wrote & designed multiple emails
- wrote a blog post
- branded the course, upgraded and enrolled the first student
- created all the graphics to go with everything
- made changes to the sales page

The self-doubt had faded.  It wasn't about me anymore.  It was about delivering the best product I could to my client.  Honouring my promise and my deadline.

When my back was up against the wall my passion for this project took over and drowned out all the fears.

I'll be honest, the perfectionist in me still cringes at every video.  But I could do a zillion takes and never satisfy that critic.  It was time to do it anyway.

Self-belief carries us soooo far.  We'd never have the guts to become entrepreneurs without it.

This week, I discovered just how amazing it is to have someone else believe in you when uncertainty is raising its head.

Maybe you need to hear it too.  I believe in you.  I believe in the work you're doing.  It matters.  There are people just waiting for the thing you're creating.  If it helps, borrow my belief in you for today and let it light a fire to get the work done.


Enrollment for Deeper Than Words officially open.
Classes start June 1st.
There will be a maximum of 20 students.
You can check out all the details right here.

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