If You're SO OVER Resolutions But You're Still Craving Direction. . .and Focus.

I have failed miserably when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions.

Mostly because they were motivated by some unspoken “should”s. You should lose weight/get healthier. You should save more money/make more money. You should organize and purge all the things. The lists went on. Year after year. Trying to will myself into being…different. And if you’ve ever bought a gym membership in January you know - willpower is a finite resource.

Enter last year. . .

This time I was going to choose intentions (resolutions banished). I chose 3 little words that would guide my year.

Except, after choosing them I promptly forgot my “intentions”. I didn’t take the time to connect them with my core values. Or, more practically, my to-do list. I had no idea HOW they would fit into or influence my life just that those were 3 things I’d really like to experience.

And perhaps, not surprisingly, I didn’t make much headway.

It’s 2019 and I’ma try this again.

I’m picking 4 words (which is extraordinary when you’re a writer) and linking them to the things that are important to me and the 4 big, glorious goals I’m working towards this year.

  1. Inspiration - this goes both ways. I want to BE an inspiration. And, I want to EXPERIENCE inspiration. Everywhere. All the damn time.

  2. Rhythm - finding one that feels juuust right. In all areas of my life. A rhythm that’s sustainable, flexible, and nourishing. A rhythm that allows me to be productive AND take excellent care of myself.

  3. Effortlessness - because things don’t always have to be so damned difficult. Because my worth is not determined by the numbers of hours I grind it out. Because I have a habit of overcomplicating EVERYTHING when simple is always easier and more elegant. (and who doesn’t want more elegance?)

  4. Devotion - to completion. To learning. To expansion. To Spirit. To telling stories. To my kids. To growth in everything but my waistline.

And the 4 big, glorious goals I’m working towards this year?

1. The House. I’m going to find the house that will be a sanctuary for my kids and myself. A space that will become a well of inspiration. A house where I can create a rhythm of life and business, of creation and silence, of love and ease. A house that finds its way effortlessly into my life - oh, I’ll still keep looking but when everything is right it’ll all click into place. A space where I can devote myself to the people I love and supports the way I show up.

2. Deeper Than Words. I’m going to finish and launch Deeper Than Words - it’s currently undergoing a huge transformation (but it’s going to be SO good). Here’s where I get to BE the inspiration. To create a work/rest/work cycle that feels sustainable and energizing. I want to find a way to market it that feels effortless - for me…and fun. I’m devoted to finishing. Devoted to teaching and finding new ways to serve through this course.

3. Balance. Scratch that. Balance was one of the words I started with. The unique-to-me flow of work/family/self-care/Spirit/poetry/prose that feels…nourishing. Then I realized that the word balance came with some heavy connotations/baggage like - everything receiving equal amounts of attention. ( #notenoughhoursintheday ). And the reminders of how often I have failed to balance things in a healthy way.

This time I’m going to find a rhythm that works for me + family. I’m kinda in love with the word rhythm. Rhythms shift. They happen in cycles. Fast then slow. Ebb and flow. And adjusting as I go.

4. Explore. New places. New people. Greater healing. Spirituality. Storytelling. Inspiration in. New perspectives illuminated. Effortlessly led to new ideas. Devotion to growth by looking in. And out.

These guiding words + glorious goals lead to some juicy questions…and maybe that’s the whole point.

What can I explore today?
How can I create the sanctuary space I crave right here? Right now?
What can I finish today? Or take one step closer to finishing?
Remember the rhythm.
Remember the rhythm.
Remember the rhythm.

How do you start the new year?
What big, glorious goals are you working towards?
What’s your focus?
How do you want to feel?

I’d love to hear from you.