Niches, Perfect Positioning & Priceless Feedback

I am obsessed with brand positioning statements.  I learned just how beautiful & genius these things could be a few weeks ago from Ash Ambirge.  And it was love at first look-at-the-possibilities-bursting-in-this-paragraph kind of glee.

Since then I've written one for myself (of course) & used it to refresh the About section of my Facebook page.  I've played with, tweaked & refined these statements into Homepages for clients.  I wrote one for a course (course positioning statement?) & wove it into a sales page for another client.  And I've even taken the idea refined & polished it into an ideal client statement for sort of a tribe positioning statement.

I told you I was obsessed.

It's a fantastic idea & I'm running amok with it.  Deconstructing it.  Adding to it, mucking about & playing with all the little bits like a kid with a new puzzle.  Creative evolution for the win!  And it gives me such massive clarity around the themes I should be working with in the writing.  Yay!!

So much fun!

You see a great brand positioning statement is all about taking your ideal client - that one client that totally lights you up & completes-you-in-a-business-soulmate-sorta-way and getting super clear on what they're craving.  How do they want to feel?  What do they secretly (or not so secretly) want permission to do?  Diving deep into their hopes, fears & desires.

And then asking yourself what you want your work to stand for?  What's the driving force behind what you do?  Teasing out those big, universal themes.

Then it's a matching game.  It's finding the pieces of you & the pieces of them that overlap & naturally speak to one another so nothing has to feel forced or contrived.  When you nail it you give your clients a big idea to rally behind.  A reason to choose you (even when they don't know you).  A way to emotionally connect because choosing you meaning reinforcing their identity.

And it gives YOU some big themes & ideas you can play with & come back to every time you want to write a page on your website or plan out social media content.

Starting to see why I'm so obsessed?

So here's what I wrote for Heartlines...

Heartlines, a courageous + fresh copywriting studio is the result of one creative's attempt to infuse every line with soul + personality in the name of unapologetic self-expression, storytelling with connection and intelligence balanced with heart-led intuition. Because in a world where "sales-y" is a death sentence the only being yourself.

And here's how I took that same idea & applied it to my ideal client, her name is Kate. ;)

But how do you know if you've hit gold?

Sometimes your intuition tells you.  You get that electric, tingling rush of excitement.  And you just know.  Intuition is a trusted guide, even in business...especially in business.

But sometimes it's REALLY helpful to get feedback from other savvy biz women who are building their own empires one day at a time & know exactly how difficult it is to narrow your niche & position yourself perfectly.

And once you've got that figured out how do you talk about yourself in a way that sounds appealing, sexy, not boring or overly rehearsed, like-this-is-me-obviously-selling-to-you but still clear.

Simplicity & power often feel like they inhabit the other side of complicated & confusing.  Which is why objective feedback from women who get it, can be so valuable.

I've got my biz bestie, my Soul Sistas & of course, my Squad.  All amazing women I love to bounce ideas off of to help me refine or pivot & perfect my pitches, sales pages, graphics & ideas just as they're being hatched.

If you don't have your own business Squad - you need one.  And if you want to test it out...well I have the oh so perfect opportunity for you.

Squads is running a Niches to Riches Free 5-Day Challenge where you'll get help refining "who you help" you ideal client statement & "how you help them" your positioning statement.  But the secret sauce of the challenge is the chance to hop on Hot Seat Calls with amazing women entrepreneurs & receive honest, objective feedback about where you're headed, if you need clarity or more emotion, sharper focus...or it's a slam dunk.  And of course, you get to do the same for them.

I'm taking this challenge.

Although I'm totally in love with the brand positioning statement & ideal client statements I've written for Heartlines (and yours may look nothing like mine).  I'm working on launching a new package & I want to write a positioning statement for that.  I think it will help clarify things for me, the themes I should be working with & how I'm going to plan out the launch.

If You Want To Join Me In The Free Challenge That Starts February 13, You Can Check Out All The Details And Sign Up Here.

If you already have a brand positioning statement you're madly in love with share it in the comments below so we can all be inspired.  And if you've ever struggled with narrowing your niche or positioning your biz in a powerful & unique way....I'd love to hear about that too.