2 Reasons Your Words Miss Their Mark

What do you stand for? What does your work represent? What do you feel strongly about? What moves you? If you were here to start a revolution, what would it be? What do you feel wildly passionate about?

This is one of my most favourite questions (okay, group of questions) from my creative brief. Worded differently, they’re all attempting to help you get at the same thing…who you are and why you’re in business (we all know to start with why by now, right?)

The answers to these questions contain the heart of what makes you different from everyone else in your industry. It’s your “chance to stand out by declaring what you stand for.”

After all, we do business with people like us. People who share our values. People who stand for (and against) the same things we do.


So many entrepreneurs struggle to declare what they stand for.


Because we’re afraid of judgement

We’re afraid of rejection. Or pissing people off. So we water down our ideas and our words. We worry so much about offending or turning audiences off that we miss the chance to turn them on.

By far the biggest problem I see is entrepreneurs who want to appeal to all the people, be loved by all the people. Include everyone.

You can’t.

The best way to get over this fear of judgement is to get clear on the thing you’re so wildly passionate about that nothing (not even the most heinous, boundary-crossing internet troll) could make you shut up about.

When you know what moves you, what you stand for, you won’t back down. #cantkeepquiet

You don’t Know.

The second reason we struggle to articulate what we stand for is because. . .we don’t know.

Maybe you haven’t considered it before (it’s never too late).
Maybe you accidentally fell into entrepreneurship because life pushed you in that direction (it happened to me).
Maybe you took yourself out of the equation and positioned your business on the advice of an “expert”.

Your words end up feeling scripted and lifeless. Tired. Repetitive.

If you don’t believe it - neither will we.

A copywriter can’t fix this kind of problem. Neither can a coach or branding expert. We can ask the questions but only YOU can answer.

And you DO know the answers. Maybe they’re uncomfortable. Unexpected. Difficult to unearth. But they are there.

And when you find them?

You’ll turn hearts without having to shout.