Are You A Saint or A Sinner? Marketing That Stopped Me in My Tracks

Disclaimer: I'm not a wine connoisseur.

I don't know anything about smelling it (the bouquet?) or swirling it (I'm convinced the only reason you do this is to make it look like you know what you're doing).  And when people talk about the vast array of flavours that dance across their tongues...I'm completely lost.  Mostly I just taste wine.  I must have gotten genetically short-changed on taste buds or something.

The reason for that rather lengthy paragraph demonstrating how LITTLE I know about wine is so I can tell you it takes a LOT for a bottle of wine to jump out at me enough to make me stop.  Pick it up.  Turn it over.  Want to read more...

First let's talk about this gorgeous label which is what caught my eye in the first place.

saint and sinner wine


Saint & Sinner is an awesome name for wine - or perhaps anything. I love that Sinner is upside down and the more wine you pour the more readable it becomes - genius.

You can't tell from the crappy photo (I have a cheap cell phone because - priorities) but it's embossed and feels luxurious as well.

When you flip it over you get this...

Saint and sinner wine


And because I don't want you to strain your eyes trying to make out that blurry image here's what it says...

Saint & Sinner presents the wine lover's conundrum - considered a Saint when you bring it home, a Sinner when you keep the secret to yourself.  Rich, complex & captivating, Saint & Sinner is the ultimate test of character, how will you fare?

I love this.  Who doesn't think they have a bit of a naughty streak?  One they like to unleash every now and again.  Maybe with a group of friends before you light up the town.  Or with a lover on one of those nights that never seem to end in sleep.

But no matter how naughty we get we all believe ourselves to be basically good people.  And here's a bottle of wine giving us permission to be both - simultaneously.

I spoke to the store clerk who said when they brought it out last year this practically FLEW off the shelves.  It sold itself.  She had one customer who loved the bottle so much she filled her empty with Christmas lights and used it to decorate her patio.  I bet that's one customer who's thrilled it's back again this year.

When was the last time a product stopped you in your tracks?  What was it that help your attention hostage?  Why did you connect with that product?