You Were Made to Go Against The Grain

Where in your life and business are you being told it has to be done a certain way?  Where are you telling yourself this?  Where are you hearing that success will only follow if you do "xyz"?  

And yet, in the face of this advice, there's that tug of intuition, that quiet whisper saying, "No.  I don't believe it.  It doesn't feel right.  There HAS to be another way to reach my goal."  Then you my friend are a radical dreamer, a sacred rebel and you're here to make possible what others say can't happen.

Sometimes "doing it your own way" can leave you feeling so lonely and misunderstood.  It isn't easy braving the wilderness and embracing that radical dreamer within.  I know the temptation to dull your opinions, to fit in and become "conventional" because when you choose to go against the grain it can be wearisome.  So, I'm here to give you a little boost of courage and maybe a hit of inspiration.  And to remind you to dare to honour what makes you different!

When you feel like maybe your intuition got mixed signals and you *should probably* follow the advice of the "experts" who undoubtedly know more than you and obviously have it all figured's my BEST tip: Immerse yourself in the depths of creative waters.  See how beautiful it can be to live and breathe on the edge.

Watch this dance.
Read these poems.
Look at this art.
Listen to this music.

It isn't always easy to go against the grain - but it's worth it.  The cost of fitting in would be nothing less than losing your self - the truth of who you are.

Join the chorus of artists and rebels, creatives and innovators, disruptors and entrepreneurs and fringe dwellers and then in your own voice, remind others that...

there is another way.