Lyrics and Long Hours

(to the tune of Single Ladies by Béyoncé)

All the workaholics (all the workaholics)
All  the workaholics (all the workaholics)
All the workaholics (all the workaholics)
Now put your hands up
Close your damn laptop
& listen to what I gotta say

sittin' at home, in front of the screen
doin' my own damn thing
hustlin' hard, all day long
runnin' my online business
sales funnels check, blog posts check,
I'm mastering social media
cause it's feast or famine, when your empire buildin'
'til you find that flow of clients

'Cause if you like me then you need to book me now sweetie
'Cause if you like me then you need to book me now sweetie
Don't be mad if my schedule is full honey
'Cause if you like me then you need to book me now sweetie

I've got bloodshot eyes & tennis elbow
balance is just an illusion
my house isn't clean, meals just a dream
but I'm hustling the shit out of this
break to play with the kids, squeeze a date night in
try to nurture my creativity
'Cause I'm wearing all hats, tryin' to make things happen
it's the life of an entrepreneur

and I love every damn second of it!


I hope you're laughing or singing along or at least relate to some part of that. :)   Here's what I learned this week:

My family took off to our nation's capital, Ottawa, for a few days this week and I stayed behind to catch-up on work.  First of all, there is no such thing as "catching-up" when you're a solopreneur -it's neverending.

I also learned that, left to my own devices (without any nagging guilt about neglecting those around me) I am a complete workaholic.  Pretty much happy as a hippopotamus to put in 12+ hour days until my eyes are bloodshot and my brain is mush.  In other words, it's a very good thing I have a family to reel me back into reality.

I did take a 3-hour road trip to the closest Apple store (yes I live that far away from civilisation) to buy my first Macbook Pro.  And got a radical haircut while I was at the mall.  So, you know, there was human interaction.  But it was related.

Let's be clear, I'm NOT complaining.  My business is one of the things I'm madly, passionately, crazy-in-love with (bonus points for another Béyoncé reference?).  Thankfully, I'm also crazy-in-love with my family so work doesn't get all-consuming.  But mostly, I just feel so damn privileged to create something I love so much.  And when the wins come I dare say they're sweeter too.  It's that entrepreneurial high.

I was recently discussing shit sandwiches with my business bestie. (if you haven't read Big Magic yet, what the hell are you waiting for?)  And being an entrepreneur, a copywriter, a writer, someone who plays with words and creates for a living is my favourite flavour of shit sandwich.

It's not glamorous or easy but I'll gladly endure all the less-than-ideal aspects just so I can show up and do the work every damn day.  And if you're a writer who isn't loving the work as much as I am, then watch out!  Like Liz Gilbert says in her book, I'll finish my shit sandwich and I'll have yours for seconds.  It's just that level of determination.

Whether you frame that as a workaholic or just desperately passionate is all in your perspective I guess.  All I know?  Is I can't get enough.