A Love Letter to Entrepreneurs

First, we have a few dismal stats to get out of the way.  Maybe you're one of the millions of poor souls dissatisfied with your job.  According to a Gallup poll only 33% of US workers are engaged at work.  And 51% are actively looking for a new job.

Canada's unemployment rate is 6.9% at the end of 2017 although there's great variability among the provinces.  That number doesn't account for the working poor or the underemployed.  If it did I'm guessing it'd be much closer to double digits.

We spend an average over 99, ooo hours at work according to an article on Business Insider.  That's a lot of time spent feeling dissatisfied. 

So what does all this depressing job market and career dissatisfaction mean?

It's the perfect time to become an entrepreneur.  And the internet?  Provides the prefect way to "set up shop".  It isn't the wild west that it used to be nor is it a completely saturated market.  So what are you waiting for?

Now I'm not talking about the get-rich-quick schemes that are rife on the web.  I get spammed by them just like you.  Ugh, forget your inbox who knew Twitter could be so spammy?  One wrong #workfromhome and you're done!

I'm talking about REAL entrepreneurs.  The risk-takers.  The dreamers.  The creatives.  The people who are willing to work their assess off.  Who want to provide a quality product or service not just because they can.  Or because they hated their job...or got laid off (although those are legitimate motivating factors).  They provide a quality service or product because they believe people will actually be better off for buying it.

Entrepreneurs who don't want to spend 99 000 hours working towards someone else's bottom line.  With nothing more to show for it than...what?  A lame party?  A company ring?  A pat on the back and a "well done ol' chap"?  Who don't want to retire at the end of a lifetime of hard work wondering what might have happened if they'd just taken the chance.

To all my fellow entrepreneurs who know how hard it is to be business and bust your butt everyday to make it happen anyway...I raise my glass to you.

To anyone just making the transition, just starting your journey into entrepreneurship...welcome friends.  You will laugh, cry, dance, rhythmically smash your head against the desk and want to chuck your computer out the nearest window - all in one day.

But it's worth it.  I promise it's worth it.


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