Living on the Outside

What do you do when someone asks you to give up your dreams?

When they want you to pack up your heart & your business & cram the life you've been building back into the safe little box they've got waiting for you?

A box they understand.  A socially-acceptable box.  Where you punch a clock day after soul-sucking day.  Hold out your hand gratefully for the paycheck at the end of the week.  Mindless.  Numb.

And never build anything.  Never create again.

Silence everything inside you.




Well, you have a choice.

You can do what you're told.  And if you do what you're told this one time, recognize you'll be doing it for the rest of your life.  For so many people, that's enough.

It's safer - or it feels that way until you get laid off or declared redundant.  You don't have to take as much responsibility for your own fate - there will always be someone else to blame.  And the only thing you'll have to dream about is where you're going to go on vacation - in 2 years.  Or how good life will be - when you retire, at 70.




You can dare to live outside that f*cking proverbial box of theirs.

It's messy out here.  Nothing is guaranteed.  Overnight successes are rumoured to be everywhere but usually end up being illusion or mirage on closer inspection.

It can be lonely.

You might have to risk everything.  Bank accounts.  Relationships.  Sanity.

But the work is meaningful.  The terms are your own.

It takes a wild courage to follow your heart.  To lead when the mob mentality can be so intoxicating.  To question everything.

We unwittingly become the mirror for those around us.  Showing them that their life of drudgery, of staying small, is one they've chosen.  Not one they were handed with no other option.

Suddenly the only thing required to live the life they've been fantasizing about as "out of reach" is the guts to leave the box & stand alone.

They hate this.  It gives them far more control over their lives than they ever felt comfortable having.  Plus, it's just plain terrifying.  It requires vulnerability.  And bravery.

Which is why they'll come at you with teeth bared & do everything in their power to shove you & your mirror back into that box.  To preserve their illusion.  To restore order to their world.

You can either let them...or not.  The choice is yours.

And there is no wrong choice.  Only the one you can live with.

For me?  I'm going to keep fighting.  I'm going to light a fire to the box they've prepared for me.  And I'm going to go mingle with the other misfits who've chosen to step out of their boxes & live life on their own terms.

I'll see you out there.