Life Lesson + Writing Tip (I Love When That Happens)

We’ve all heard of the old cliché “get out of your own way”. In other words, the #1 thing holding you back from achieving what you want - it’s you. True in most things, I think. But learning how exactly you’re holding yourself back and WTF to do about it? That’s the hard part.

If you’ve been with me for a while you know I have a copywriting course called Deeper Than Words. I took some generous, amazing women through the beta round and received EXACTLY THE FEEDBACK I ANTICIPATED.

For some reason, I needed to hear it from someone else.

I spent weeks not knowing how to fix what I knew ALL ALONG were the problems.

Finally, I came up with a plan B I felt good-ish about and slowly started tweaking.

Then it hit me…

Somewhere along the way, I decided I “had to teach copywriting the same way I learned it”. That was the story I was telling myself.

It seemed totally rational. After all, I learned from experts making 7 figures. More than I have ever earned as a copywriter.

Except it’s total bullshit.

It’s bullshit because I took SO MANY copywriting courses from several different people from the old-school-direct-mail-style copy to creative-personality-infused-brand-focused copy. So it’s not surprising I STRUGGLED with the structure (which felt kinda arbitrary) and trying to say ALL THE THINGS.

It’s bullshit because over the years I’ve developed my own style and incorporated archetypes and values - not something I was ever taught. And here’s the obvious epiphany I had driving back from the office one day - people want to learn from me because of MY style not because of some course I took years ago.

I had to give myself permission to teach what I do not what I know.

I had to give myself permission to even acknowledge I have a style - and it’s good. Scratch that, it’s f*cking amazing.

I had to give myself permission to be the expert. Which still feels scary, if I’m being honest.

But once I did…

I knew what to do. How to structure the course. How to write the modules. I’m taking my time and doing it my way - and it finally feels good.

What a powerful, sneaky little story getting in the way of forward momentum and keeping me SO stuck.

There’s a quote I love that says “the most powerful story is the one you’re telling yourself.” TRUTH.

Now, I promised you a writing tip with this story so here it is…

If you want to truly get inside your client’s head - figure out the story they’re telling themselves right now that’s keeping them STUCK.

Meet them where they are with compassion and empathy.

Then give them (or provide the product or service) that gives them the permission they need to get the hell out of their own way. Because that’s how you solve a problem people will pay for again and again.