A Life Less Scripted

Travelling along a familiar path brings no guarantees.

Whether that’s following the life scripted to you by family or society. Or following the latest “tried and true” guru promising 6 figure success in 6 weeks or less.

I tried the familiar, expected path. University -> regular job -> husband -> house -> 2 kids -> 1 dog (everything except the white picket fence).

But as I settled into my chosen career I watched as colleagues were “declared redundant”. Can we just take a second to acknowledge the cruelty of that phrase? Redundant = “no longer needed or useful; superfluous.” As in, “You’re of no use to me anymore - buh bye.”

I shrank myself in countless ways to fit onto the familiar path…until somewhere along the way I forgot who I was.

The open, unscripted path has uncertainty. There are no guarantees out here either (despite what the online marketing gurus would have you believe).

But there is also unexpected beauty.
Experimentation (and failure).
Room to express yourself.
Unlimited creativity.
Deeper Connections.
Space for bigger dreams.
Scope for the imagination.

The unscripted path will take you to places you wouldn’t have found otherwise.


I’d love to walk this unscripted entrepreneurial journey with you. In sisterhood and collaboration.

We begin with the Know Yourself, Know Your Brand Challenge. It’s free and starts next week.