Leadership, Visibility & My Favourite Female Warriors

"Leader" has never been a label that's sat comfortably with me.  I've rarely ever volunteered myself for leadership roles & I have vague memories of adults describing me as being more of a "follower" as a child.

A label I internalized.

Maybe because I was so quiet...
or shy...
or introverted before I ever knew that was a word.

Or maybe because it was always easier to just lead by example rather than be the shouty "follow me!" type (though I secretly admired their ability to speak up).

And yet the more I hustle everyday, the more I find my voice and my courage.  The more I find myself reaching for more visibility for myself and my biz.

Publishing my first book.
Becoming a Squad Leader on Vendeve (there's that word again).
Hosting my first live webinar.
It's even seeping into my real life "aka offline life".

Here's the deal - you can't ask for more visibility without being prepared to lead.

This might seem devastatingly obvious to you but I swear it only dawned on me last week.

You see in my head it goes something like this - "You need more visibility.  Visibility is good for your business - it's necessary.  But you are so not a leader."

Which is why every step forward is this mix of excitement + abject terror.  Because I'm constantly challenging the stories in my head.  And rewriting the scripts so I can be the entrepreneur & the woman I desire to be - & was always meant to be.

Whether you're a confident leader in your life & biz or more like me just starting to wade into that word with a little trepidation - it always helps to have women you look up to, women who are brave enough to stand up & show all of us the way forward to becoming leaders in our own lives, businesses, communities & families.

I have a few women leaders I absolutely love & admire & turn to every time I need a little inspiration.

When I Need Straight Up Guts

When my spine is feeling a little slumped and I need a reminder that I have actually got this.  When I need super practical advice for running my biz without apology or just need a reminder that in fact, my creativity is my greatest advantage. I turn to Ash Ambirge from The Middle Finger Project.

When I Need Permission To embrace the woo...

And still be completely human.  To explore my spirituality, to see my femininity as a strength (instead of a weakness) & to listen to my intuition - not just in life but also in business.  There are 2 women whose work & words I am slowly but surely falling in love with.  Danielle LaPorte with her powerful & concise truthbombs & beautiful new book White Hot Truth.  I love the paradoxes, I love the ethereal mingled with everyday humanity & I love that she questions everything.  And Rebecca Campbell who's book, Light is the New Black was a revelation & her Rise Sister Rise community is fast becoming one of my favourite spaces.  The warmth & beauty & gentleness of the space she creates.

 When I Want To Embrace My Creativity...

Feel good about my work & remind myself that persistence will pay off.  I turn to Elizabeth Gilbert.  I probably fell in love with her much later than the rest of the world.  It wasn't until Big Magic that I discovered her words & her genius.  It's now my favourite non-fiction book of all time.  Then I took her Creativity Workshop on Udemy.  And even though I've been so resistent about jumping into the world of podcasts...her podcast, Magic Lessons, will be my first (actually I'm listening to it right now while I type this and it's soooo good :)


Male or female who are your favourite leaders?  Do you love taking on leadership roles or does it feel super uncomfortable?  I'd love to know in the comments below.