Dig Deeper Part 2 - It's Never About WHAT You're Selling

It doesn't matter if it's a sales page or a product description.  It's NEVER about WHAT you're selling.  It's always about the OUTCOME.  That's what you're actually selling.  Yet, you see very few websites or businesses that do this well - if they remember to do it at all.

The first mistake is listing the features.  Here's where you flat out describe the product or service in a "this is what I'm selling and this is what you'll get" sort of manner.  Zero frills and zero imagination.  The problem with this is that you reduce your product or service to nothing more than a commodity in the eyes of your customer. 

They won't assign any value to it other than the dollar sign you've attached and you've left it completely up to the customer to decide how (or if) this product will benefit them.  Why they choose you over the competition will almost always be based on things like price or convenience.  If you think things like the benefits and value of your product or service should be obvious then you're taking a HUGE risk.  Very few people (read no one) will intuitively love your stuff as much as you do.

You have to give them a reason to care.

So, dig a little deeper and you get the next most talked about layer.  The benefits layer.  Here's where you stop leaving things up to chance and start to show your customers the value of your product or service.  You take all the wonderful features and break down what that means for them.

Ex. features - clickable pen - blue or black ink

Benefit - do you suffer from desk disaster syndrome?  Where skyscrapers of paper threaten to topple your latté and the surface of your desk is constantly doing a disappearing act?  Never waste time again searching for that elusive pen lid.  Now, with the simple click of a button, your pen will never dry out.  If only it was a magic wand that could also rescue the rest of your desk...we're working on it.

It's a simple, silly example but I think you get the point and see the difference.  If you just list the features the customer has to imagine why they should care about buying a clickable pen or stick to the standard pen + lid.  By talking about the benefits, in hopefully a fun and interesting way you show the customer how your product or service fits with his life.  If you do this really well you'll leave them thinking how did I ever live without this before?

This is what good copywriter's know how to do.  But can we dig even deeper?

You have to give them a reason to care about YOU.

So, listing benefits gives them a reason to care about your product or service.  But why should they buy it from YOU?  Why shouldn't they go to your competitor now that you've convinced them of the merits of this product or service?

 This is a really big question and it goes well beyond the topic of this post.  It touches on things like your business personality (the book I wrote), your edge (what makes you unique), your website design, and the other pages beyond the Sales page and product description.  Did you know your About page is one of the MOST visited pages on your website?  Yep, 'cause after they've decided they like what you're selling the next thing they check out...is you.  But that's a topic for another day.

Today, let's narrow our focus to the Sales page and product description.  Remember last week when we discussed the importance of understanding your customers on a deeper level?  Knowing their beliefs, their values, their hopes, their fears, their desires?  In essence understanding their worldview?  Well, let's put that to use.

Now you need to build an emotional connection to your customer.  These benefits need to satisfy deep psychological needs.  And you can only do that if you understand where you customer is in their life right now.

Here's an example: 

Danielle Laporte Necklace

Danielle LaPorte has done a beautiful job of this.  Instead of calling it a necklace she describes it as "silver and gold dipped poetry" increasing the perceived value.  And she tells you it's "meant to be a lil' soul beacon" not just adornment.  This isn't just another piece of jewelry.  You'll notice all the features are still here, but they're at the bottom.  After the decision to buy has already been made.  The justify the decision, but they don't influence it.

But where she really makes the emotional connection and demonstrates she truly understands the lives of the women she works with is in the second paragraph.  (You could browse through any of her necklaces they're all great examples of this).

I chose Authenticity is Magnetic.  This speaks to a woman who knows what she wants out of life.  A woman with dreams and ambitions, who isn't afraid to take risks and go after what she believes in.  All in an effort to stay true to herself.  These kinds of messages are what make the difference.  This is why you'll buy the necklace here.  From Danielle, instead of looking for a similar design elsewhere.

And this is why she can charge what she does.

You have to dig deeper.  Past the features.  And even past the benefits that everyone talks about.  Find the psychological undercurrents that will move your customers and create a connection to YOU.  So not only will they be inspired to buy whatever you're selling...they won't be able to imagine buying it anywhere else.