A Tale of 2 Descriptions - How to Write Compelling Descriptions for Your Products

Whatever you're selling whether it's a digital or a physical product the way you describe it goes a long way towards creating an emotional connection with your audience.

You've already learned how to design creative names for your products & services.  The next step is writing compelling descriptions to help them click to find out more or buy the item.

If you want to see the difference between a creative, personality-packed description that grabs your attention & helps your audience see themselves using the product vs. just a straight up "here's what you get" description I've got a few examples for you.

1. Ricki's

This is one of the few stores my small town actually has, so if I can't find what I'm looking for from one of the local entrepreneurs I'll head here.  Most of the time I completely forget they have an online store.  But here's an example of a dress I thought was kind of cute.  Not sure if I could pull off butterflies...but anyway, I like the whimsy.  The description, however, is a disaster.  They've obviously cut & paste it from another description & forgotten to reword it.  Can you find the error?  Oops!

Other than reminding me to accessorize, it doesn't do anything to help me see myself in this dress.  Any my doubts about "Can a 35-year-old- woman pull off butterflies?" will mean I probably won't buy it.


2. Modcloth

Contrast that last description with this one.  Alright, this uses fantastic imagery & words that get me excited about this dress.  Really, it's a pretty plain, navy dress but I'll be a "magnet for photo ops" and "sophisticated" in this dress?  Sounds great!  A "silhouette that begs to be eternalised on film", sign me up! lol  Okay, obviously the dress doesn't actually do those things for you & we know that but it's fun & it shows that Modcloth understands me & how I want to feel when I dress up for a night of fun.  They understand the story in my head of selfies with girlfriends, playfulness + sophistication that's important to me.  All the details of the dress are still there too if you click on the details tab but that's secondary - only important AFTER the emotional connection has been made.  And check it out, 704 hearts mean I'm not the only one in love with this little navy number.


Okay, if we're heading out for a night on the town we definitely need heels to go with a new dress, right?!

3. Zappos
First, Zappos the hugely popular online shoe store where you can grab these blue suede stilettos & the only line to inspire you to spend $775 is "Get ready for a night to remember! You will be absolutely stunning..." That's feeling pretty generic, cliche, especially for almost an $800 pair of shoes.


4. Louboutin

Now, these heels scream sex appeal baby!  Granted if you're shopping at Louboutin it has everything to do with the name & that iconic red sole so customers already come with expectations & emotional attachments to a big luxury brand like this.  But it's nice to see their not taking their celebrity status or red soles for granted & still coming up with a few compelling phrases like "empress of the evening".

Whether you've got physical products like these or digital products like an ebook or a download creative descriptions that show off your personality & highlight just how much you understand your customer will go a long way to creating a connection with them & inching them one step closer to buying from YOU.