I've Got a Headline. . .Now What?

Headline: nailed it.
Hook: particularly hooky.

Now you have to write the thing! ðŸ˜³

Here are 3 of my favourite tips to keep your fingers flying over the keyboard.

1.  Don't Give It All Away

In Hell Yes Hooks & Headlines I talk about including curiosity in your headlines so your reader will be more inclined to keep reading. I talk about it over here too.

Right.  The same idea applies to writing the body of your email, blog post, sales page.

Don't rush the punch line.  Just like great comedy is about perfect timing. . .so is your writing.

Don't rush to the truthbomb or the sale.  Bring your reader along on the journey, tell a story, relate an anecdote, show us why we should care, whet our appetites with how our lives can be so much better, easier, more fulfilling - then show us how.

This doesn't have to take a lot of space on the page (no rambling allowed).  Just a little planning + great storytelling.

2.  How do you want them to feel?

I get SO MANY questions around establishing the right tone.

I want to sound professional. . .but not corporate.
I want to sound warm. . .but not mushy.
I want to sound relatable. . .but still be taken seriously.

What they're really asking is how do I find the right tone?

The right tone for you isn't necessarily going to be the right tone for someone else...and that's okay because we're all individuals here.

The quickest shortcut to finding the right tone for your audience is by asking yourself this question...

How do I want my reader to feel by the time they finish reading?

Because the way you write so someone feels safe & supported isn't the same way you'd write so they feel fired up or the way you'd write so they feel joyful and inspired. Let the emotions you want to inspire lead the way in your writing style.

3. Satisfy Cravings

It's one thing to be noticed (with your kickass headlines) it's another to deliver exactly what your clients are craving.

Are they looking for...
next steps?

Or some combo of the above.

When your content satisfies what they're craving...you're one step closer to connection and conversion.

I’ve love to know what the thing you most struggle with when it comes to writing for your website! Send me a note at hello@heartlinescopywritingstudio.com and tell me because I bet I’ve got something to help.