Funnel Vision

You can't be in business online unless you have a way to start conversations with people.  After all, very few people immediately land on our sales pages & click "buy now" especially if they've never heard of us before (no matter how much we wish they would).  Which is why it's great to give them a low-risk reason to engage with you so you can begin to have that conversation.

Enter the freebie.

There are so many different kinds of freebies you could give away.  Free designs, wallpapers, checklists, guides, ebooks, workbooks, challenges, quizzes, surveys, assessments, summits, mediations, audios, etc.

How many have YOU opted-in to?  Which were your favourite?  Which did you actually get the most value from?  Which do you think you'd be excited to offer your audience?

Each one has a different level of set-up required, some require launching & running live, like challenges & summits.  And each one has different advantages/ disadvantages & levels of engagement.

Only you know what will work best for your biz, your life & your audience.  Don't let anyone preach you into doing something that makes you feel super uncomfortable.

I've been making freebie funnels quite a bit lately because I had this idea for starting a Free Gifts page on my website where I could add a couple of new items/ month & eventually we'd end up with a library of beautiful & useful things for you. :)

So, the topic of funnels came up with one of my mastermind groups.  I did an impromptu, unscripted tech tutorial.  And I walked them through the big picture of a funnel & how you turn it into a conversation.  That's what I want to share with all of you today.

The first step is to decide what your freebie will be.  This kind of funnel will work best with static freebies (not things you have to run live like a challenge or a summit -> those are more complex).  I use this for my quiz, wallpapers & PDF guides.

Basic Funnel Flowchart Page 1
Basic Funnel Flowchart Page 2

1.  Marketing: basically how will you tell people about your free gift?  This can be paid ads or all the free strategies but you need to get the word out.

2.  The Landing page: (aka The Squeeze Page) I use Leadpages to design all of my landing pages.  I love their drag 'n drop style templates & how they integrate with my email provider.  The idea of a landing page is that there's nothing else for them to click on (no navigation bar etc.).  They can sign up...or not.

3.  Download Box:  This is the double opt-in feature, the box that pops up where people would actually enter their name + email.  Pro tip: the more info. you ask for the less likely people will opt-in.  So always keep it to the bare minimum.  Either email or email + name.

You also want to integrate this with your email & make sure you're segmenting your lists so you know where these awesome new people came from.  It helps you to figure out what content resonates and what falls flat.

4.  Have a thank you page that triggers automatically.  Don't be afraid to show a little personality with a fun gif etc.  And this should also automatically deliver your freebie to your new audience member.  I LOVE that Leadpages does all of this for you - automation without thinking, hallelujah!

5.  Thought you were done?  Nope, just beginning.  Because now you actually get to have that conversation.  Let them get to know you.  Introduce them to your best content.  How you do things 'round your corner of the net.  This isn't selling.  This is getting to know one another.  You may, after a few emails, even want to ask how you can help them.  So you can start a conversation that goes both ways.

6.  THEN you insert a sales email.  After you've had a few "dates" & everything's feeling nice & cosy.  They're starting to know you, like you & maybe... if you've done your job (or your copywriter has;) trust you.

7.  But here's the thing, everyone develops trust at different rates.  And we'll never know everything that's going on in someone else's life that influences their decision to buy right now...or not.

So either they choose to buy -> enter champagne.
Or they don't -> enter a NEW email nurture sequence with different topics, different things of interest that lead them ever so gently down another path.  More on that in a minute.

If they choose to buy from you:

Roll out your welcome email.  Your on-boarding process.  Do the work.  Then ask for feedback/testimonial.  And don't forget to follow-up.  Keep in touch.  Keeping in touch doesn't need to look like, "Hey need any more work done?"  Yuck!  It can be, "Hey, Happy Birthday!"  or "Hey, I saw this - congratulations!" or "Hey I saw this - & thought of you!"

If they choose NOT to buy from you:

You keep emailing.  Lead up to another product/ service you have to offer.  Tell stories, engage in ways that are meaningful & provide experiences so that in x number of emails over x number of days/weeks you'll be prepared to offer them something new.  And maybe this will be just the thing they've been waiting for.

And as we know, it can go one of 2 ways...

What kinds of freebies do you offer?  Do you love or hate creating funnels?  Which steps do you traditionally skip?  Was seeing the big picture helpful?  Spill it in the comments ;)

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