Forgiving Myself

Entrepreneurship has taught me forgiveness.

Mostly, how to forgive myself.

That time I…

  • had to request an extension because EVERYBODY got sick

  • didn’t follow through

  • didn’t launch the thing

  • didn’t write the weekly blog

  • didn’t make the sale

  • didn’t reach my goal

  • didn’t make any money

  • invested in a course that was useless

  • wasted time, opportunities and money

  • didn’t stay in touch with colleagues I meant to

  • let the idea die because of self-doubt

  • let the client walk all over me

Countless opportunities to forgive myself over the years. I must’ve needed a LOT of practice. 🙂

And countless opportunities to love myself believe in myself and support myself ANYWAY.

Who knew business was a fast track to personal growth?