Fight, Flight or Freeze

Here’s what fight, flight or freeze looks like in business.


Work harder and longer and push your body and brain to the edge. Accompanied by lots of caffeine and a manic I-must-get-shit-done gleam in your eyes.


Running from one idea to the next. Or maybe a new package. Or a new offering. Or a new social media channel. Accompanied by a frenetic where-do-I-go-next energy and the resolve to never look back.


Waiting for change to happen without the commitment to do anything differently. Accompanied by procrastination and spinning wheels.

I think, at one point or another over the years I’ve done all of these things. Fight, flight and freeze business mode.

But wouldn’t it be interesting to notice which one is your go-to? And what it is that triggers it so you can take a deep breath and remind yourself to move forward with intention instead?