Explore Every Corner of Your Creativity

Being creative isn't limited to the canvas, the keyboard or a blank sheet of paper.  It doesn't have to include dancing, acting or singing if that isn't your jam.  It's about avant-garde thinking, about daring to walk along the edge of innovation & imagination all for the sake of creative exploration.

So often we box ourselves in by what our work "should" look like or stay the one area we're "supposed" to be creative.  But our real genius lies beyond the borders of our creative comfort zones.

It's good to play in other mediums just to see what it feels like - not because we've mastered them.  Especially when we haven't mastered them.  It's good to dip our toes into new thoughts - books are my favourite way to do this - poetry, fiction, non-fiction, genres you wouldn't normally choose.  It's good to change the environment in which we create.  A different space brings with it a new perspective, a new array of sensory information to mix up, to rearrange and put a unique spin on.

After all, creativity is just taking 2 or more ideas which, at first glance, seem impossible to put together. But you listen to that little voice which insists it's worthwhile, even if no one else sees it.  So you play with those 2 impossible ideas.  Nudge them.  Deconstruct them.  Until the pieces fit together in a new, harmonious, unexpected but breathtaking kinda way.

A way only your eyes & heart dared to see, through persistence & devotion to exploring every corner of your creativity.