Everything is an Experiment

Everything in entrepreneurship is an experiment.

Every idea,
every design,
every offer,
every word.

If we had wanted tried & true we would've stayed in the same careers our parents had.  My grandmother always wanted to be a teacher but she wasn't allowed to finish high school because she was needed on the farm.  My first job was a high school teacher.  But the politics, the "it must be done this way" boxes & the "my way or the highway" attitudes were. . . stifling.  Almost as stifling as a classroom full of sweaty teenagers on a hot day in June.  I tested out "tried & true" - it sucked.

Entrepreneurship gives us space to breathe & to play.  To express our thoughts and opinions.  To try out new ideas.

Not everything works.

Maybe even most of them don't.  Maybe the drawer of half-sketched, never-executed ideas will ALWAYS be jammed to the brim with scraps of paper on which plans were hatched.  Born & teased out in a flurry of inspiration & then shoved in the drawer of ideas-yet-to-come-alive.

And maybe the drawer of ideas we DO choose to labour over, execute, meticulously examine from every angle & throw out into the world (sometimes with great planning & fanfare, sometimes with the quiet dipping of toes into untested waters) will always remain neat, tidy & spacious.

But that's one of the most exciting things about entrepreneurship & running your own biz.  It's one of my most favourite parts.

Aaaaannd it's why I'm trying something new (you didn't think this story was going to be without a brilliant segue, did you?)

Here's the Experiment.

I'm starting a VIP Client List
(Buuuut you don't have to have been a client to get on it)

Here's are the must-know details...

**Each month I'm going to put out a new, exclusive offer to work with me AT A FRACTION of the cost of my current website package.

**The offer will only be good for ONE month - then it disappears.

**The offer will ONLY be made to people on this list - you won't see it advertised anywhere else.

**There will be limited spots for each offer (I'm thinking 4 for most items) & will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

Examples of offers you could see on the inside...

4 spaces for a sales page/ work with me page (long or short your choice) to revamp a current offer or for that new service you've been itching to launch.

A 5 email nurture sequence so you can start to automate your biz.

2 blog posts because I KNOW how good it feels to get ahead in your blogging & not write it the DAY BEFORE!

I've brainstormed about 7 different offers so far so don't expect to see much repetition from one month to the next.

If you're interested you can raise your virtual hand (aka opt-in) by clicking on the button below & becoming a member of the VIP Client List.