From Exhausted and Drained to Creating Again.

It’s been 3 weeks since my last blog, which kinda feels like walking up to a confessional booth and saying it’s been 3 weeks since my last confession. Or so I imagine because I’m not Catholic. I also took a huge break from posting content on social media.

I wish I could say that I’ve been quiet because I’ve been on vacation on some gorgeous tropical beach. That I’m writing to you now with sand between my toes.

But no.


I felt completely drained. Exhausted. Uninspired. I had NOTHING to say (which never happens). Until it did, 3 weeks ago. Does this ever happen to you?

#maskoff October is usually the worst month of the year for me.

So, this October I consciously chose to do things that would fill me up, help me take care of myself and inspire me.

  • I did a 5 day creativity challenge with my friend Kira. It was amazing and I spent an entire hour doodling with coloured pens and sharpies.

  • I signed up for a 28 day writing experience with Lisa Lister and most days her journal prompts were the only thing I wrote.

  • I’m still immersed in the Abundant Heart Institute’s 8-week self-care course with my friend Hillary and it’s so nourishing.

  • I’m also doing Deepak’s latest free meditation experience - it’s all about energy, so how could I not?

  • I got together IRL with fellow women entrepreneurs and it was magical + I treated myself to a night in a gorgeous hotel.

Then (and this was the HARDEST part) I waited. And tried not to feel guilty because I wasn’t doing all the things I was “supposed” to be doing for my business. I took care of clients and that was pretty much it.

I am NOT the most patient person. But I held complete faith that my inspiration and enthusiasm would return. In the meantime, I focused on taking care of myself.

How do you make self-care a part of your regular, business-sustaining routine?

It was progress in bite-sized pieces.
It was self-treating with Reiki + energy work.
It was reading and napping.
It was still doing all the single Mom stuff that never ends.

Our energy and creativity have natural cycles - just like the seasons. I believe in infinite creativity but I also believe sometimes it flows and sometimes it just dribbles in. I’m still in the early days of recognizing and working WITH (instead of always against) my natural cycles. I’m a work in progress and also perfect just as I am (that’s one of my favourite paradoxes). Same goes for Heartlines. Same goes for you and your business. Perfect + in progress.

Over the last week I started creating again.

  • 4 weeks of content planned for Instagram - Heartlines is coming soon!

  • Getting Unstuck - the latest thing to hit the Heartlines Shop has all my best practices (prevention, in the moment, + writing prompts) so you can keep on creating. I needed to remind myself.

  • Content Creation - a workbook to help you brainstorm ideas uniquely suited to YOUR business for your blog/vlog/podcast etc. It’ll hit the Heartlines Shop next week.

  • filmed 3 new videos for Deeper Than Words

  • wrote this blog (it totally counts ya’ll)

  • wrote 5 new poems

It feels good to be back in the groove (I still don't enjoy the winter of my cycle). It feels good to be writing the medicine I needed to hear. To create the resources that will support me when I feel drained & exhausted again. This happens more often than not for me. Give it a try. . .

Create the thing you need the most.
Write the medicine you most need to hear.

Mostly, I LOVE that this time I didn’t force it. Or show up half-assed because I felt the pressure to produce something. I didn’t stress (too much) about my silence or beat myself up about it. Instead, I found new practices to support my creativity. And got more consistent with the old ones.

How do you support your creativity? How do you support yourself so you can show up to your business with energy and enthusiasm? Share in the comments below.