"Finding Your Voice" Isn't an Excuse to be a Jerk.

PREFACE: Communication has been a BIG theme for me this week. I really can’t emphasize that last sentence enough. Big. Huge. In. My. Face. Theme. (Also forgive me for using the tired clichés “finding your voice” and “speaking your truth” in this post. I’m fired up and they get my point across).

My tagline is “Because every brand deserves a voice.” So, it’s safe to say, I’m the biggest advocate of “finding your voice”. It’s what I am passionate about. I love helping entrepreneurs find a voice that’s grounded in their values and anchored in their personality so it feels 100% like them. So they feel confident showing up as who they are. And are able to clearly articulate what they stand for.

I live and breathe this stuff.

BUT. . .

This is a big, hold-on-there-just-a-minute but….”finding your voice” isn’t an excuse for being a jerk.

“Speaking your truth” isn’t an excuse to degrade, demean, criticize everything or vomit your negativity on the rest of us.

So many women struggle to find their voice, to know who they are and feel the power of their own conviction for very real and very legitimate reasons.

It angers and saddens me when I see people take the ideas of “finding your voice” or “speaking your truth” and parade them around as an excuse to say whatever the hell they want and ignore, shrug off or deny the mark they leave.

Your words MATTER. They have a REAL impact on the lives of people who encounter them.

Every time you speak or write you have an opportunity…

to uplift or deflate
to spread hope or despair
to encourage or criticize
to support or undermine
to spread love or fear

How do you want to make people feel? Because people will always remember how you made them feel. They may not remember what you said. But they will digest your words and take the truth of them and remember how those words felt.

It begins with knowing who you are.

It begins with knowing your values.

It ends with honestly expressing yourself with courage, vulnerability and always, always compassion.

Trust me, you can be a straight-talking, tell-it-like-it-is kinda gal and STILL speak with compassion.

So find your voice. Speak your truth. And don’t be a jerk.