Donate to Your Favourite Charities For Free

I'm so excited about the possibilities for this charity I've recently discovered.  Like put on my leopard-print heels and let's go dancing excited.  Like break out the megaphone and shout it from the rooftops excited.

First, a disclaimer: I'm in no way associated with this charity or any of it's affiliates though I'd gladly write copy for any of them.  I'm just an enthusiastic supporter.

Second, an assumption that you're the type of socially-conscious human who actually wants to give to charity (or you wouldn't have clicked on the article).

Fantastic, now that we've got that out of the way let me introduce you to

Have you ever found yourself wondering...

I wish I had more money to support more great projects.


I wish I had time to donate but with my busy schedule I barely have time to remember to eat.


I wish I could give more but my budget it tight this year and I'm just going to have to scale back.

Well, Goodeed allows you to spend 2 minutes/day (I timed myself) donating to 3 world-class charities without spending a cent!

Which means it will fit into any and every busy schedule and every stretched budget.

You can support major organizations like UNICEF, The World Food Program, and We Forest without impacting your bank account.  Leaving your money for your favourite local charity, your church or other aid organization close to heart.

And even in lean years when you have to cut back in all your other charitable giving - you can still do this.

How do they do it?

First, you sign up with Facebook, Twitter or email.  No credit cards.  Then you choose between 3 charitable organizations.

You can donate a meal to a student in Kenya with the World Food Program.

A polio vaccine to a child in Chad with Unicef.

Or a tree to a reforestation program in India with We Forest.

You're allowed a maximum of 3 donations/day.  And you can mix 'n match however you like.

attention is the rarest and purest form of generostiy

Companies pay to advertize on Goodeed.  In essence, they're paying for your attention.  You watch 20 seconds of their ad (or more if you're into it) and then click on the "next step" button.  Which takes you to a pop-up screen where you confirm your donation and if you like you can share it on social media.

That's it you're done.

Goodeed takes 80% of the advertising dollars and funnels it to the charity you chose.

And who came up with this brilliant, revolutionary model of charitable giving?  Was it a savvy, experienced professional in the non-profit or advertising world?  Nope.  It was a high school student.  I sense a We Day speech in the future.  A huge congratulations to Vincent Touboul Flachaire (now 19) for your creative vision and entrepreneurial spirit.

The numbers so far...

Over 27 000 people have donated over 352 000 times to the We Forest project in India.

Over 43 000 people have donated over 313 000 times to the UNICEF vaccination project in Chad.

Over 42 000 people have donated over 313 000 times to the World Food Program for students in Kenya.

My own numbers are a little more humble.  At the time of this post I'll have made a total of 342 donations.  I found once I added a daily reminder to my agenda my numbers started going up steadily.

Vincent and the team at Goodeed have made it effortless to make a difference.  Even if you're strapped for cash and time.  I think it's genius.

All numbers were updated November 18, 2015.