Creative Freedom is Paralyzing

As creative’s, there’s nothing we crave more than the freedom to dream wildly and then. . .bring it to life. As entrepreneurs, we have the freedom to start any kind of business. To sell anything that moves us.

And we’re all craving that freedom lifestyle.

BUT. . .

creative freedom is paralyzing.

We easily get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. And when you’re overwhelmed - decision fatigue sets in fast.

Our brains have a finite number of good decisions we can make every day (different for every person) once those are used up then we make increasingly rushed decisions.

It’s the reason Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg wear the same thing every day (what to wear is one less decision to make). It’s the reason why you end up staring at the food in your cupboards and fridge and asking, “What should we eat?” over and over again at dinner time because decision fatigue is setting in faster than you can say fish tacos.

When we get overwhelmed by choices we’ll return to our default position.

I can’t decide what to buy - so I’ll walk out empty-handed.
I can’t decide what kind of business to start or where to begin so I’ll stay in my day job.

We might think we crave freedom but it can be kinda daunting.

What you need are constraints. I like to call them creative boundaries.

It turns out creativity + limits is a lot more innovative and productive than unlimited creativity.

Creative boundaries you’re familiar with. . .

  • money

  • time

  • materials

  • knowledge

  • physics

  • usefulness

  • marketplace

Some questions with built-in constraints might look like. . .

How can I reach the most people without sacrificing my integrity?
How can I position x service while staying on brand?
What’s the most cost-effective way for me to run ads?
How can I create a new way for my clients to reach their goals that are fast and effective?

The way you frame the questions you aim to solve shows what constraints you’re using. And questions like, “What can I make?” might need a few creative boundaries to avoid overwhelm and decision fatigue.

In my business, I use brand archetypes as creative boundaries when I construct the marketing messages for my clients. Archetypes are a flexible framework that actually gives me MORE creative options than trying to pull something out of thin air.

Within even a single archetype there’s so much room to evolve and reinvent yourself that even as you gain more experience and clarify or readjust how you show up - your archetypes will stay relevant. They’ll continue to support you. (read more here)

And they’ll provide just enough boundaries to allow your creativity to thrive.

Archetypes are only 1 of 3 elements necessary for creating a brand voice that’s memorable, recognizable and oh so you.

Grab your free copy of The Brand Voice Equation to find out the other 2 elements you must include.

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