Creation is messy & risky & winding & ALWAYS worthwhile

If you’ve been with me a while you’ve heard me talk about Deeper Than Words. I’ve been creating it for the last couple of YEARS (yes, you read that right).

I first offered it as a self-paced online course. It was the same as every other self-paced online course. And it promised to help you write your website in 5 weeks.

I delivered it once.

Received AMAZING feedback.


it became that project that kinda sat on the shelf and looked at me with side-eye. So I got busy creating the Heartlines Shop (which was super fun and a fabulous distraction). But every time I thought about delivering Deeper Than Words again….the energy just drained out of me.

And yet, I KNEW there was amazing content in there. I KNEW it could help women connect to and shape the voice of their brand.

But another self-paced copywriting course?? *eye roll*

I wanted to do something DIFFERENT. And it took me a helluva long time to figure out what that might look like and how to resurrect it from the ashes of the original Deeper Than Words course.

I’m here to tell you I finally figured it out. I’m building something that’s part online course, part membership, and part community. I’m blending online and offline with something delivered to your door every month. AND I’m blurring the lines between biz skills (copywriting) and soulful acknowledgment that we are whole people (more than just entrepreneurs). I have FINALLY found a way to bring my writing skills and my healing skills together in one place (Reiki + writing + self-care + entrepreneurship + creativity + psychology + meditations + brand voice). This is ALL of me.

Deeper Than Words fills me that rush of creative energy again. It feels SO DAMN GOOD ya’ll.

Aaaaannnnddd if I’m being 100% honest with you…I’m also a little terrified. I don’t know of anyone else doing things this way (if you know of someone tell me!) and when you decide to step away from the “this is how things are done” box it raises all sorts of gremlins. The “will people actually buy this thing?”, the “who do you think you are?” and “what if it doesn’t work and you fall flat on your face?” gremlins are the loudest for me.

But I’ll tell you one thing: I didn’t become an entrepreneur to play it safe. I didn’t become an entrepreneur to follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing. And I didn’t leave behind the “day job” mould just to try to squeeze myself into the “online entrepreneur” mould.

I am so fucking excited to announce that the doors are officially open to Deeper Than Words!!!

Please come check out all the details. If it’s right for you - I’d love to see you on the inside. Or, if you know someone it might be perfect for, I’d be forever grateful if you shared the link.

Thanks friends!

Raising my glass to all the entrepreneurs out there who are choosing to do things THEIR way. Cheers!